July 6, 2022

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The Canadians’ annual golf tournament raises over $ 400,000

The Canadians' annual golf tournament raises over $ 400,000

The Hubs annual golf tournament, held Tuesday at the club Lovell-sur-le-Lock, raised more than $ 400,000 for the Montreal Canadians Children’s Foundation. Due to the protocols established by the NHL, there is no player or coach. Many former hockey players shared the day with golfers.

Photos by Martin Allari and Pascal Valley

Geoff Moulson and Guy Laughlor are surrounded by France’s Margaret Belanger, Group CH, Foundation CEO Genevieve Pockett and Bob Gaini.

Luke Bertrand, Group CH Board Chairman, is well managed by Lucian Debloys.

UP! In the three-generation association of the Barrier family, Jim, Jackie, his son and his grandson Nicholas.

Long hitters around Geoff Molson include Vincent Damfousse, Guy Carbonio and Patrice Brisbois.

Maxim Lapierre gives valuable advice to his friend Guillaume Latendress.

Region Howell, Dominic Fuger, GM of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres and legendary Ron Fournier.

The Canadian’s last 50-goal scorer had a very happy time with Stefan Richer, Gaston Zingross and Bob Gaini.

Ryan Bouklin, Group Selection, Philip-Olivier Bouklin and Robert Laplant, along with Yen Kernier and Senator Claude Karignon.

Claudine Bronfman, who took off a beautiful birdie, posed with her husband Stephen Bronfmann, who was heavily involved in her Expos baseball team’s return plans.

I believe Pierre Mondou and Yvonne Lambert prefer to play hockey better than golf.

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