May 17, 2022

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The labor shortage in Quebec is intensifying

The labor shortage in Quebec is intensifying

According to a study by the Institute du Quebec unveiled on Tuesday, labor shortages in Quebec, especially in the health sector, have risen unevenly over the past two years.

According to Statistics Canada statistics, the number of job vacancies increased by 38.2% in the first quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of the year, an increase of 53,725 jobs.

In Quebec, the rate was 5.3% after a 1.5% increase over the same period, the highest rate after British Columbia.

The situation in the health and social services sector deteriorated further as the number of vacancies increased by 69.3% in two years, jumping from 7,990 to 20,630, while wage employment was only 11.9%.

With 6,905 vacancies, professional nursing staff will suffer the most, an increase of 3,985, not far from the 4,000 nursing positions the Legalt government is trying to fill.

“The labor shortage phenomenon is particularly striking in the field of health and social assistance.[…] This encouraging data does not suggest that employers will find it difficult to hire qualified workers to meet growing health needs, ”said Mia Homesey, President and CEO of the Institute of Quebec (IDQ). Four industries were scooped up

The increase in job vacancies has particularly affected four industries, according to the Institute de Quebec.

After a 5,935 increase in two years, there were 25,330 job vacancies in the manufacturing sector, with the job vacancy rate in construction falling from 4.4% to 5.6% and standing at 12,700, while wholesale and retail are looking to fill 9,600 and 22,715 positions, respectively.

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Professional, scientific and technical services, meanwhile, were particularly affected by the 53.4% ​​increase, moving from 10,615 to 16,285 vacancies.

“The limited group of workers available, and especially in this field of activity, makes it a real challenge to government commitments to create jobs in the healthcare professions,” Ms Homsey said.

With the economic recovery in the third quarter, companies are expected to post more vacancies in the coming months.

A statistic Canada survey revealed that 11.1% of Quebec businesses are expecting an increase in vacancies.