May 29, 2022

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Trudeau must apologize | The Journal of Quebec

Trudeau must apologize |  The Journal of Quebec

Provoking elections in the midst of an epidemic in the middle of the summer, trying to overcome rivals is really apathy, opportunism and ultimately unnecessary.

He caused us to lose $ 612 million, he divided the population on important issues. He thought of himself and his party rather than acting as a responsible politician.

Solid block

Defending the French language, identity and autonomy is important in Quebec. Quebec is the only party block that preserves the uniqueness of the country and for that Quebecars believe it.

It would be wrong to reduce the total and reduce those 34 seats to moderator insults. We must give credit to Blanchett‌ for being able to sustain and express consensus on Quebec’s anger, resentment and arrogance over the Canadian establishment.

Dreaming too big with 40 seats is a mistake Mr. Blanchett made. With this call from Franకోois Legalt to vote for the Conservatives, they were dealt a blow, with even less reason for Black members to be disappointed. And those who crucified the 34-year-old block, I can’t imagine their verdict with the 25 delegates Jagmeet Singh starving …

Legalt wins and loses

Legalt got the minority government he wanted. With the highly centralized NPD / Liberal duo, the strong presence of the block is even more important for Quebec to reap the benefits.

On the other hand, despite its popularity, the PM did not call for a vote for the Conservatives. Whatever he says is a stain on his record.

Thanks to Buserons and Torontois

Buserans sent a clear message to Maxim Bernier that he had not even reached out to win in his stronghold. We finally thank the Torontoians for giving the Greens leader less than 10%. In good faith, this party deserves better.

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