June 29, 2022

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Protests against sanitary measures will be suppressed

Protests against sanitary measures will be suppressed

Demonstrations against health measures and vaccines within 50 meters of all health facilities, including schools, daycare services, vaccinations and screening centers, are prohibited under heavy fines.

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The bill, which the Legalt government will submit on Thursday, will go further than initially anticipated, meaning that vaccine-resistant demonstrators will be barred from reaching children at the entrance to classes or in the case of hospitals.

It also plans to ban all forms of intimidation and threats to citizens who wish to gain access to the COVID-19 test or vaccine.

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It filtered out intense discussions between the government and opposition parties on Wednesday afternoon and evening, which could be compared to the large fines already imposed on those who violate sanitation measures (about $ 1,000 for a recurring offense, and then $ 6,000).

The measures the government wants to implement are temporary and will expire when a health emergency is not restored.

Pressure on Samson

The law was inspired by a similar law passed by the National Assembly in 2016 to prevent anti-abortion protesters from coming to abortion clinics.

“My patience has reached its limit,” Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt said Wednesday, when he introduced a bill to end weeks of anti-vaccine demonstrations around schools and hospitals in the province.

After leaning in favor of a particular law, the government decided to change its tune and adopt its law through an appropriate process “with the cooperation of 125 delegates”, the report said. Justice, Simon Jolin-Barrett.

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An extraordinary approach would have allowed the law to be passed quickly, but the government wants to achieve the same result by pressuring Conservative MP Claire Samson, whose leader, Eric Duhaim, has made it clear in a specific group that he will reject any kind of ban.

“We can’t start doing that Cherry-picking Then say: “Such people have the right to exhibit and another, because one does not like his ideas, has no right to exhibit”. We live in a democracy and the same principle applies to everyone, “he said in an interview on Thursday.

Opposition parties want to cooperate

The Legalt government could consider the support of other opposition parties who offered their support on Wednesday.

After expressing reservations in advance, Quebec Solidair finally said it was ready to lend its support, although the party said there was a possibility of abuse of control over the display.

The Liberal Party of Quebec went further, demanding that activists ban demonstrations against vaccination in all areas where the population is likely to be intimidated.

The party, Cubacois, insisted that the measure be first debated in parliament.

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