July 5, 2022

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Brazil | There will be no rebellion, Zaire Bolsonaro assured

Brazil |  There will be no rebellion, Zaire Bolsonaro assured

(Rio de Janeiro) President Zaire Bolsonaro has assured Brazil that there is “no risk of uprising” and that he will do nothing to “prevent the 2022 presidential election” in an interview published in the weekly Friday Look.

“For my part, there is no risk of rebellion,” the far-right leader said in a compromise interview on Thursday.

“But on the other hand, this opportunity will always be there,” said Zaire Bolsonaro, referring to “more than 100 impeachment requests” filed in the Chamber of Deputies, especially due to the management of the coronavirus epidemic. According to him, his removal would be a coup.

Opposition groups called President Bosonaro a “criminal” and said many scientists were “irresponsible”. However, political analysts in Brazil believe he is unlikely to be fired.

Attack on state powers

The organizational crisis in Brazil reached its peak on September 7, when Zaire Bolsonaro threatened the Supreme Court by harassing thousands of demonstrators in Brasilia and So Paulo (southeast) for their support.

“I exaggerated a bit in my words,” he admitted in the interview Look, As he did two days after the performances. In a written statement, he sought to pacify matters by assuring that “no force should be threatened” and that his attacks on the Supreme Court should be pronounced “in a fleeting moment”.

More Zaire Bolsonaro a dit Look He knows that his supporters are expecting more powerful action to strengthen his power.

On September 7, Bolsonaro also threatened not to recognize the 2022 presidential election, saying it would be a farce to maintain the electronic voting system that has been in place since 1996, which could lead to fraud.

But he backed out of the interview Look : “Don’t worry, elections will take place, I will not stop it”.

The lowest-ranking Brazilian president, with a 22% popular rating, is the worst loser in the October ballot 2022, his arch-enemy, former left-wing president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

600,000 deaths and “not a small error”

“We will never have peace in this job. My only satisfaction is to know that there is no communist in this single chair (presidency),” he said.

Zaire Bolsonaro reiterated that he had “made no small mistake” in managing the health crisis that killed nearly 600,000 people in Brazil.

“I was criticized when I was told that staying home was not the solution […] Today, studies show that most people who die from coronavirus are obese and fearful. Everyone stays at home and gains weight, ”he said.

For him, the Senate Commission of Inquiry into the government’s “flaws” in the management of the pandemic “lacks credibility”.

“History shows that the measures we have taken have saved the people,” the President summed up, referring to the still ineffective hydroxychloroquine and refusing to vaccinate.