December 4, 2022

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CFL: Allouts salute the Argonauts

CFL: Allouts salute the Argonauts


This is not exactly the way the Montreal Allouts want to start their important five-game series against clubs at the Eastern Conference. The Khari Jones squad had another roller coaster night and lost 30-27 to the Toronto Argonauts on Friday.

But more importantly, the Montreal football club will have to do without its opening quarterback, Vernon Adams Jr. services.

Als shot at each other

Adams, who spent the night in two parts, suffered a rib injury in the third trimester. It was during this intense moment that Matthew Schultz put on his helmet and was ready to jump on the pitch, when Adams abruptly ended the discussion with Team Medic to join his teammates in a discussion race.

However, Adams and Jones are in no position to say No. 8, who led the October 2 attack on Montreal in Hamilton.

“We’ll see,” Adams said, not wanting to be around after the game.

“I’m not sure, to be honest, Jones later admitted. We’ll see how it develops.”

Shoot yourself in the foot

Once again, the Allouts came close, but during this game the team shot back on foot, where only a few games made a difference. Again, Adams, who made a difference in some of these games, is involved.

The Allots (2-4) allowed 14 points in the first three minutes of the first half, allowing Argos (4-3) to return to the locker room with a 21-10 lead. The locals ’latest touchdown follows another expensive Adams interruption.

Posted in less than two minutes at his 38-line, Adams threw a pass blocked by Chris Edwards, allowing Argos to resume on the center line.

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After a 10-yard pass to Curly Gittens Jr., McLeod Bethel-Thompson (13 for 19, 210 yards, 2 TDs) joined Chandler Worthy for a touchdown at 45 yards. Unacceptable game by defense at the end of the half.

“I have not yet spoken to the Baron (Miles, Defense Coordinator), but they are lagging behind in our defense and we can not allow that with the time left on the clock,” the coach chief said. If we limit them to one placement, we are in a better position. This touchdown was disappointing. We continue to work hard and learn lessons. “

Adams started his second game at a more crucial moment, with his team seven points behind with less than four minutes to go. In the first down and 10, Adams succumbed to pressure and dropped the ball, which was caught by defensive back shock Richardson instead of target receiver Eugene Lewis.

“I haven’t spoken to Vernon yet,” Jones said. First, I don’t think he saw the defender exploit. But at the same time, the other guys for us were free. (Edwards) He needs to win this game.

“Second, he took a step back to make a play, but he’s on his back leg. I wish he had made a different decision.”

These two interruptions spoiled the great evening work for the Montreal quarterback, probably 302 passes so far this season, completing 39 attempts (76.9%) for 382 yards, a 102, 7 capacity multiplier. But beyond his statistics, Adams seemed to have made better decisions at this meeting.

“Yes, I agree: he played a solid game. He only made two mistakes, but now his mistakes are turning into points every time, Jones said. But it’s his best game: we moved the ball, we made the games very different. Thought so and Vernon did it well for most of the game. There are positive things to remember. “

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Despite everything, there is a chance that Montreal Football Club will come from behind. With 66 seconds left in the game, Adams joined Jake Wineke for 27 yards To make allouts close to three points. However, they were unable to get David Cote short kick back.

The Alloutes stopped Argos and got the ball back, but with 11 seconds left, it was too short, too late.

Gittens and Running DJ Foster achieved other touchdowns for Argos. Boris Bede, who had a very strong game against his former team, added 29, 32 and 37 yard field goals in the second half.

Eugene Lewis and William Stanbach, who have a personal best of 100 or more yards running the fourth game of the season, are among the other visiting majors. David Kote has two field goals from 17 and 38 yards.

For Stanback, this is the eighth game in the CFL to run 100 yards or more.

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