July 6, 2022

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The Burundian community in Canada is proud to have chosen Ariel Kayaba

The Burundian community in Canada is proud to have chosen Ariel Kayaba

Ariel Kayabaga was the first black man to sit in the House of Commons from Burundi.

We were all moved, delighted and honored to see her make history, Said Martin Sabushimike, president of the Alliance of Burundians of Canada (ABC).

We are so proud of her, her growth is extraordinary. She is a woman of ability.

A quote from:Martin Sabushimike, President of the Alliance des Burundais du Canada.

Pride shared by Adas Andaisheimie, President of the Burundian Community of Windsor.

I am pleased to have elected a member of my community to represent Canadians in Parliament., He he said.

The Burundian community mobilized all its resources to support Ms Kayabaga and especially her constituency, West London.

ABC specifically on its Facebook page called on all its members to invest financially and ethically in its campaign.

We support in all ways and in acceptable ways. She was encouraged with counseling, helping her volunteer to explain what she was doing for the community., Said Jean-Baptist Entocoma, a London West resident.

Inspirational model

Mrs. Kayabaga is also a good example for members of the Burundian community, youth, especially those with an immigrant background.

Our greatest pride is that it inspires an entire generation. Above all, it gives hope to parents with an immigrant background and our children see that anything is possible. CBA President Mrs. Sabushimike explains.

Mr. Entocoma aerial coyote followed the journey closely. For him, the key to success lies in work.

No matter where you come from, no matter what color you are or where you are, you can take a step forward. She [ Arielle Kayabaga] Came as a refugee, but she can represent the whole community, He thinks.

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Ariel Kayaba came to Canada as a refugee when she was 10 years old. She entered politics after her university education.

At the age of 28, she became London’s first black city councilor in the 2018 municipal elections.