July 5, 2022

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Vaccine status: Guillaume Lamay-Tivirz returns to charge

Vaccine status: Guillaume Lamay-Tivirz returns to charge

The next day after publishing a press release describing the status of his vaccine against COVID-19, Guillome Lamay-Tivirge returned to charge in a video posted on his Facebook page on Friday.

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Judging that “the situation is out of hand” and “it does not make sense”, the actor reiterated that he always wants to be vaccinated against the virus, but the vaccine he wanted has not yet been registered in Canada.

“I learn about vaccines […] What is Medicago? Ah! This is the Quebec vaccine. He talks to me a little more than others and is available in the fall, ”the actor said.

As the “Masked Singers” host points out, Medicago announced a few weeks ago that it was postponing the deployment of its vaccine candidate.

He also stressed that he would respect “literally” the health measures established by the government while he was working.

Guillaume Lamay-Tivirz regrets calling it an anti-vaccine in a public arena since an article was published in the La Press revealing that the 45-year-old actor and director had lost a production contract. “District 31” show because he was not vaccinated.

“I think they came to tell me that I was an antivox, because I got the information and I have not made my decision yet. I know the trap is tightening. I know this very well. Granted, he was outraged.

“There is someone who tells me that I am an antivox, that I am promoting and that young people have started saying ‘you should not be vaccinated’. But let’s see! I have never tried to tell anyone not to be vaccinated. Everyone is free to choose,” he continues.

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The actor worries about the division created around the pandemic and vaccine campaign.

“When we meet, we talk to each other and we understand each other and we find the best solutions to overcome this crisis. We get there easily. But if we divide, we become polarized and we point fingers at each other and we insult each other, it goes away completely,” he said. Gillaum Lemay-Tivirge protested.

Therefore, the facilitator was committed to “respecting” opinions that differed from his own and urged people to do the same towards him.

“I agree to be vaccinated because I have no choice anyway if I want to continue living in the community. Will you allow me to choose what I want?”

“And I am committed to risking my life to protect my family so that no one can come and harm them regarding the choices I have made,” he stressed.

Guillaume Lamay-Tivirz suggests that if he does not have the vaccine of his choice, he should take another.

“I’m going to be vaccinated. I do not live on the margins of society alone on my side. I have a family. I want to be part of the gang. I want to hold on to the gang. That’s what I want,” he concluded.