July 5, 2022

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Why are cases of cold, gastro and tonsillitis exploding at this time?

Why are cases of cold, gastro and tonsillitis exploding at this time?

As autumn approaches, cases of flu, colds and gastroenteritis increase. Less applied barrier gestures and a return to “normal life” may cause these winter illnesses to reappear after falling asleep last year.

The arrival of autumn signifies the return of the flu, cold, tonsillitis and other infections. 2020 After a year of escaping these diseases, the infections came back into the doctor’s waiting rooms. In question: relaxation of barrier gestures. “During the Kovid period, people had very little nasopharyngitis, very few gastric infections, because people paid special attention to the prevention of manual gestures. They washed their hands a lot and wore a mask,” reported General Practitioner Jean-Marc Costader la Depay.

Since the middle of last spring, obstacle gestures have actually been less applied, as indicated by a Datacovid-Ipsos Held in late May. The return to “normal life” is responsible for these epidemic manifestations. Opening up and reducing teleworking, Dr. Custador suggests, “People allow themselves to live normally, so viral diseases are coming back.” In addition, the north wind is blowing big in some French people. “Right now, I’m seen someone masking and kissing someone else, the practitioner is shocked. It’s not visible from Kovid. So as a citizen, we’re less afraid.”

According to the National Institutes of Prevention and Health Education, 80% of germs are transmitted by touch. It is very important to wash your hands regularly to prevent infection. “In order to stay sick, you need to get tired and consult a germ. If this germ is found somewhere, it can spread quickly, especially with less effective barrier gestures,” Jean-Marc Costader confirms.

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Depressed immune system?

After the strengthening of arrests, curfews and curfews, the spread of some infections will be limited to 2020. Does the lack of stimulation of our immune system affect it? To the doctor it’s unlikely: “If it’s really a weakening of the immune system, we have a lot of serious infections, pneumonia, big gastrointestinal infections, and at the moment I do not think so. Practice with me anyway I do not have more serious infections.”

Public Health France Fears, on the other hand, are the epidemic of bronchiolitis in children this winter. This is due to “low immune stimulation induced by weak transmission of the virus” which is “greater than what is observed each year”. Between 2018 and 2019, up to 6,000 emergency room visits per week were recorded. No more than 2,000 passages by 2020.

Kovid-19 test, yet priority

Despite the return of these infections, Kovid-19 is not yet ancient history. “If I have any doubts about ENT symptoms (nose, throat, ears, all disorders and diseases affecting the editor’s note), I ask that we test patients to confirm that it is not SARS-COV-2. Confirmed.

In fact, tonsillitis, flu, rhinitis, ear infections and even colds are infections that exhibit ENT symptoms. Of course this does not rule out the danger of being Kovid-19. Performing the test is the correct reflex.