May 17, 2022

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First chance at water

First chance at water

(Toronto) It is unclear whether this is maturity and experience, or whether he is now speaking to the media in person rather than through screen. But Nick Suzuki has a sense of formula that explains the Canadian’s first exit in the preparation match.

Guillum Lefrancois

Guillum Lefrancois

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“We went the same day and looked like the team that played its first warm-up game!”

What the Habs actually saw on Saturday was the result that indicated the pace of the game: Toronto 4, Montreal 1.

It is not after the first warm-up match that we must make major conclusions about the 2021-2022 edition of CH. At this time of year, the joke comes a lot: “This is a training camp for everyone! ”

This is true Saturday for the unfortunate NHL database workers: errors in player numbers led to the names of Aston Mathews, Mitch Morner, Christian Dvorak and Arvid Henriksen (who?). Found in summary. In the same summary, CH number 14 belongs to Josh Anderson rather than Nick Suzuki.

It was a training camp for the Leafs game presentation team, which completely missed the arrival of players on the ice.

And this is for most players in Blue-White-Red. Those who are fighting for office? “One is no worse or better than the other. It’s a normal match,” said Dominic Ducharme.

Suzuki, Cole Cofield and Tyler Tofoli trio? “A little good, bad, good, bad,” the head coach added.

What about Ryan Pohling? “I thought it was normalized. […] By the end of the first period, I saw our guys coming back to the bench, it seemed difficult. ”

Meanwhile, the maple leaves looked like a bunch ready. Even older truckers like Jason Spezza and Jake Mujin, whose jobs were not in danger, did not take long to corrode. From his first existence, William Nylander entered the CH zone when he entered a mill. Michael Bunting and Nick Robertson, fighting for their status or for a position, also showed great things.

Short schedule

The problem is that this camp is paradoxical; It was a lot longer (three weeks), but there were a few matches. Montreal will only play six games. Ducharme has already stated that he would like to give some time to his main group to introduce themselves.

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It can therefore be understood that those who are fighting for a position do not have five opportunities to perform. This is especially true for Pohling.

This fall (Paul Byron and Mike Hoffman) had some patients in Hobbs, which opens up opportunities for wings. But Pohling plays in a center where all the candidates are healthy: Suzuki, Dvorak, Jake Evans, Cedric Pocket. However, there is no need to go through the exceptions if Pohling cuts him off, he really has to come to camp to force Mark Bergewin to catch him.

That is, Pohling certainly did not stand out from the crowd. We tell you about Nylander who crossed the snow at the start of the match; Pohling was also among those who flew at his speed. He had some chances late in the game, but we didn’t see Pohling turning heads in camp two years ago, before injuring himself. His face-offs (14 out of 9, 64%) are rarely positive.

In his care, the young man is recovering from an operation on his wrist. But if he is slow to regain form, he will have to return to Laval to allow him there.

Although Alexander Romanov criticized himself in an interview after the match, it was a little better on defense. “There is nothing better today,” the Russian dropped. However, he rarely plays with Jeff Petrie and coordination between two people cannot be created overnight.

Gianni Fair Brother did well even after a rough start; He did enough to identify Suzuki as one of the good aspects of the defeat.

The image in blue becomes clear when Joel Edmundson reunites with his teammates.

Since the Canadian will play his intra-team game on Sunday, we need to find out more quickly at the Bell Center this time around, before meeting the Leafs again on Monday. Today we will see if some players will take advantage of the opportunity to travel the same day Torontonian wise.

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With details

Bunting’s spin shot

Michael Bunting is one of the winger group vying for the right to play in the first two lines of the Maple Leafs. Attacker, Option 4E The tour in 2014, the Arizona Coyotes were successful in the branches and scored 10 goals in 21 NHL games last season. Appointed a free agent by Leafs this summer, the left winger has not lost his first audition. He teamed up with John Towers and provided a break from Michael McNiven, who scored a goal by diverting a pass from TJ Brody. “He’s going to the net and Puck always seems to have found him. He has a knack for aiming around,” Towers said of him on Saturday morning, an estimate that aptly describes the player we’d seen on Saturday. Do we remember that Moulson had 3 seasons of 30 goals as the center of the Towels?

All costs for Suzuki

The Canadians’ two power play advantages in the first season showed just how central Nick Suzuki is to the team’s five-man offense this season. On the one hand, his calmness with Puk‌ makes him an ideal player along the ramp. He is not afraid to puck and has the knack of spotting a loose mate when the pressure is high. Zone entries, on the other hand, were also built around him, handing it over to Jeff Petrie before he took Puck to the neutral zone. Montreallers however will have to try to change the climbs somewhat, as it is clear that Petrie is looking for Suzuki in the neutral zone.

Fixed an issue for Primau

Photo by Nick Turciaro, USA Today Sports

John Towers (91) and Kaden Primau (30)

Kaden Primau met with the media for the first time since Kaden’s inauguration. In his last official appearance in front of the cameras, the goalkeeper pointed out that, for some reason, he was unable to travel with CH during the playoffs to train with the Reserve Wastes. During his post-post press briefing, Primau promised to travel without any restrictions this season. His companions did not leave No. 30 for his first outing. For the first goal they left Jake Muzzin alone, and on the second he was defeated by a deflection from John Towers. Primau conceded 3 goals in 21 shots in the 33rd minute. The problem is that he played the first half of the match, this time the CH players are looking for their legs …

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They said

We still have two big days. We spent a lot of time on the ice. We traveled today, which is still extraordinary. This is part of the warm-up matches.

Dominic Dacharm

We have a red and white match [dimanche], The next day and then another match, we will play [deux matchs en deux soirs]. Until then our two teams were a lot. We have a day off [dimanche le 3]. This is where we see a lot of cuts. We have a lot for the first four games. We have no choice.

Dominic Dacharm

We created a lot of opportunities, split up, even 3 against 0 (laughs). It comes into season.

About Nick Suzuki, his triplets

It doesn’t matter to me how I play. I can play left, right, attacker or goalkeeper! I want to help the team.

Alexander Romanov, employee left the camp


Michael McNiveen

Photo by Jon Blocker, Canadian Press

Iiya Mikheyev and Michael McNiven

We will not put it against him for the gift he gave to Curtis Gabriel at the end of the match. Of the nearly 11 shots he received, all were of good quality. He essentially repulsed three breaks.

To fall

Javier Ovalet

Photo by Jon Blocker, Canadian Press

Javier uel Yellet (61) and Leah Mikhev (65)

He did not have an easy task, as he paired his first game with defender Arbor Zacaz playing with Pros. But Cubeser did not provide enough level play to help his young partner.

Match number

10 000

According to Leaves the meeting was held in front of 10,000 spectators. This is the first time the leaves have been played in front of so many spectators since the outbreak began; In the series last spring, only 500 required workers were admitted to the amphitheater.