May 20, 2022

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Good deal – HP Omen 27i “4 Star” gaming screen at P 299

Good deal - HP Omen 27i "4 Star" gaming screen at P 299

The HP Omen 27i IPS is a nice surprise. It gives a very nicely calibrated image out of the box and a flawless response, which makes it a very good playmate. If we add a specially worked design and finish above the competition, there will be some serious arguments in this monitor. There is a slight difference and a lack of a black image embedding system, but it is a true competitor to the Asus TUF VG27AQ.

Its advantages

  • Reactive 165 Hz panel
  • Default image quality
  • Comfortable quad HD definition
  • Design
  • To conclude
  • Performance delayed

Which can push you back

  • Finite difference
  • No block image insertion system (ULMB, ELMB, etc.)

An alternative

With the TUF VG27AQ, Asus offers one of the best 27-inch quad HD screens for video games. It’s outstanding in terms of display technology today with a very responsive IPS panel that supports a very high frequency that is compatible with both AMD’s Freysink and Nvidia’s G-Sync. Best of all, these technologies can be combined with ELMB. In the end, this screen game is the best for gaming regardless.

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