May 28, 2022

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Lack of control and openness: Valerie Plante criticized in a book

Lack of control and openness: Valerie Plante criticized in a book

Eligibility Save the city : Project Montreal and the challenge of transforming a modern metropolis (Editions Écosociété), the book covers the history of this historic political party in almost 500 pages, but also illustrates the sharp differences since the Left Party came to power in 2017.

Elected officials, including former elected officials and those close to the Montreal mayor, testify, including Luke Ferrandez, who left the plant administration With the bustle in May 2019. At the time, he denied the lack of rapid action to justify his decision, among other things, to fight climate change.

I saw this as the reason I offered my resignation. I saw it become Team Valerie Plant, Finally, in this book he admits.

When asked by Daniel Sanger, Valerie Plante identified the current Deputy Chief of Staff of Guillaume Cloutier Plante’s dissent or limited tolerance for discussion, According to the words chosen by the author.

For a girl Super Friendly, Usually you expect more consensus management of the Caucasus, and much more Friendly. […] But that’s not what’s happening, that’s not all.

A quote from:Quoted by Daniel Sanger, Guillum Cloutier, Deputy Chief of Staff of Valerie Plante

These tensions were exposed Last year by Radio-Canada, But the mayor’s office defended itself by making sure of it Great freedom of speech To all elected members in the party.

History of Project Montreal

Written by Daniel Sanger, the book, according to its editor, also traces the origins of the Left Party Project Montreal, founded in 2004 to give an interview to Radio-Canada, its deep beliefs, the first election on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, the arrival of Valerie Plante in 2013, but Guillaume Laoi And the intense leadership race of 2016 between the future mayor of Montreal is also behind the scenes.

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The party Rojomont councilor was the main buyer in this election. The following year, Valerie Plante defeated Denise Coder, much to the amazement of many members of Project Montreal, the author explained with many details and testimonies.

Prior to the resignation of Luke Ferrandez, Valerie Plante was responsible for the administration of large parks.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Lawrence Dampier-Major

Illness And High control

Other elected officials, such as Councilor C కోట్te-des-Niges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace Christian Arsenal decided to leave Project Montreal last winter, Describe their experience.

Valerie saw us as traitors, Guaranteed to Christian Arsenal by Daniel Sanger. He said he took advantage of his concern about the decision to name a station REM In Griffintown in honor of Bernard Laundry.

We made him believe that we were weakening his authority and disrespecting him. This is completely insane. Completely insane, He reports.

According to Christine Gosselin, who She also announced her departure, Is angry to criticize. According to her, the mayor’s entourage, for example, is a priority Gift a Olympic quality ass laugh, Without naming him, by giving him a seat on the executive committee.

According to Luke Ferrandez, Valerie Plante’s closest guard was overwhelmed by the events following the 2017 surprise election victory. Mary-Eve Gagnan [la directrice du cabinet de Valérie Plante] Not sure how to implement the practice.

The former interim head of Project Montreal is not kind. He denounced the administration’s fears in the face of criticism. That’s one A call to sleep [réveil] Advance, He said, talking The decision of Valerie Plante To re-allow automobile traffic on Mount Royal A pilot project put forward by Luke Ferrandez.

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Adaptation to power for Project Montreal is complex, Gillum Cloutier admits: Many were terrified of their responsibilities. Then you have a caucus full of left-wing activists who are always in opposition and the only thing he knows how to do is shout, scream.

According to the author, Many began to feel that the ideas and negotiations that they had joined and helped build would be strangled by the party, or at least transformed into a party that would run throughout the office of leaders., Written by Daniel Sanger, referring to a Illness At party working group meetings.

A lot [d’élus] They get really annoyed by over-regulation, especially when they receive texts or calls to remove a post or comment on Facebook, which, according to the company, goes a long way.

A quote from:Daniel Sanger, author of Save the City

Last year, he continued, a Half a dozen moderate advisors Wrote a letter to Valerie Plante To ask him to be more open and tolerant of dissent and to include the Caucasus further in the decision-making process.

Contacted by Radio-Canada, Mayor Plante’s office declined to comment on the comments reported in the book.

Denise Codre did not escape

Denise Koderre also did not leave out an important former member of his team, the author questioned him, accusing him of not being In accordance with the period.

Coder, he loved no one. He’s a man I adore and it’s Denise Codre, Said former mayor Richard Bergeron, a former member of the executive committee Contempt The second may be for his party elected officials.

Richard Bergeron, one of the founders of Project Montreal, did not elaborate on his former chief’s attitude before joining Denis Coderre. Disgusting In 2017 he Obscene And Bad, He adds.

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Franయిois Croto and Valerie Plante in the National Assembly.

Relations between Franకోois Croto and Valerie Plante have deteriorated in recent years.

Photo: Project Montreal

Franకోois Croto Pushed to the door

The book also reveals another story about the departure of Franకోois Croto, who does not want a new mandate as mayor of Rosemont-la Petit-Patri.

The second was announced last May His departure from municipal politics. The iconic figure of Project Montreal, he talked about a Reflection And a Personal approach.

Or Franకోois Croto The door was kicked out after failing in performance reviews set up by the party to provide some sort of quality control to consultants, Writes Daniel Sanger.

This argument was confirmed by Valerie Plante’s Deputy Chief of Guilloom Cloutier. One way to really come and tell someone, let’s say Creto: “You ‘re not involved in party activities, not fundraising, you do not seem very motivated. Do you really want to? Introduce yourself?”, He says.

When asked to respond, Franకోois Croto maintains his version. It was wrong, no one pushed me to the door, I was alone and made my decision a long time ago, He wrote to us.