December 1, 2022

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Meng Wanzhou was welcomed as a heroine in China

Meng Wanzhou was welcomed as a heroine in China

After traveling for more than 13 hours, Ms Meng arrived at Shenzhen Baon International Airport around 10pm local time on Saturday.

When she stepped on the tormak, Mrs. Meng handed her bouquets, before making an emotional speech.

Earlier in the day, state broadcaster CCTV aired a statement written by Ms Wanzhou, who flew over the North Pole and avoided US airspace.

[Mes] The eyes filled Thinking of getting it back Embrace, love and peace of the motherland, She wrote.

Without this motherland, she continued, I do not have the freedom I have today.

Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested on December 1, 2018 in Vancouver at the request of the United States, is facing charges of bank fraud and violating US sanctions on Iran. After more than 1,000 days under house arrest, Huawei’s chief financial officer He was able to leave Canada on Friday, Thanks to an agreement with the American legal system.

The Chinese Foreign Minister said the allegations against Ms Meng were “fictitious”.

Agents were on the lookout for Meng Wanzhou supporters who had gathered at Shenzhen Bawan International Airport to welcome the country.

Photo: Reuters / Ali Song

The Chinese media can’t breathe a single word about Michael

Chinese authorities since the arrest of Meng Wanzhou released imprisoned Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spawar, an executive between Huawei executive and the US legal system shortly after the British Columbia Supreme Court approved it.

The Chinese state media, which started with the Xinhua news agency, did not fail to attribute Ms Wanzhou’s release to Beijing’s “relentless efforts” – others are also talking about “three painful years” for the Huawei director – both of whom did not mention the release of Michael.

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Canada and its allies have always seen their detention as retaliation by the Chinese government after the arrest of Meng Wanzhou. Some observers saw this as a sign of rapid release The two cases are really intertwined.

China has condemned the hostage-taking of Michael Spawar and Michael Kovrig for diplomatic reasons, insisting that their imprisonment had nothing to do with Ms Meng’s arrest.

Last August, businessman Michael Spover Sentenced to 11 years in prison By a Chinese court for spying and illegally disclosing state secrets to other countries. His sentence called for his deportation, but the date was not released.

Former diplomat Michael Kovrig has also been charged with espionage. His sentence, however, is not yet known.

The day after its release, the two Canadians were mentioned in a few messages posted on the Chinese social network Weibo, but these received only rare reactions.