July 5, 2022

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Reception capacity at the Bell Center: Quebec raises NHL expectations

Reception capacity at the Bell Center: Quebec raises NHL expectations

Quebec has lowered expectations of the National Hockey League (LNH), which expects all Canadian teams, including the Montreal Canadians, to play at full capacity soon.

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Although the start of the season for Hubs and Vancouver Connex has been confirmed to take place in front of a limited crowd, Assistant Commissioner Gary Betman and Bill Dolly are optimistic for the future.

“Hopefully, all seven of our Canadian cities should have full capacity sectors very soon,” he said in a recent interview recorded for the “32 Tough” podcast.

Checks have been made: Quebec Public Health does not anticipate any easing in the coming weeks with the goal of “preserving the capabilities of the health network”.

“Many hospitals are already at their peak capacity, Quebec is currently facing a shortage of health workers and are still running out of capacity. Explained by.

No discussion

Furthermore, the Ministry confirmed that no discussions had taken place with the Montreal Canadians and the Directorate General of Public Health. The office of the minister in charge of sports, the same story with Isabelle Charest‌, said she had not discussed it with the CH group.

The Canadians home opener for the 2021-2022 season is scheduled for October 16th. On this occasion, Hubs welcomes the New York Rangers to the Bell Center and, for the first time, young Quebec sensation Alexis Lafrenier, the first choice in the 2020 NHL Draft.

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Currently, the audience limit is 7,500 in amphitheaters and is divided into zones of 500 with independent entrances. Vaccination passport is also required.

The CH Group did not answer our questions, i.e. did it take action in the hope that the number of spectators allowed at the Bell Center would increase public health?

More and more mate enthusiasts in Ontario

In Ontario, the maximum capacity of indoor sporting events will be increased by 50% to 10,000 fans, according to several media reports officially announced on Friday. This number is currently limited to 1,000 spectators or 50% of an arena capacity.

In Vancouver, the Rogers Arena is still limited to 50% of its capacity. In Alberta, the health care system of Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames Province was on the verge of collapse but was severely damaged by the fourth wave of COVID-19.