December 8, 2023

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“No one stood,” according to Ducharm.

"No one stood," according to Ducharm.

Toronto | The Canadian had time to play at least eight pre-season games before officially starting his season. Those who started the camp in slow motion have a chance to recover.

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Nothing will happen this time. With only six warm-up matches on the bill, Dominic Ducherme a few days ago stressed that he would like to send on the ice, for the last two, that the team will reach out to one that will preserve the colors of the official opening on October 13th.

“I found that no one stood up. Those who want to establish a niche for themselves should take advantage of these opportunities. Tonight, there is no one better than others,” said the Canadians head coach.

Lack of energy

Dacharme did not specifically point anyone out. He said he experienced widespread fatigue in his troops.

“It’s not a question of intensity. It looks like we’ve run out of gas,” he said. At the beginning of the match, I found that we had energy and that we were moving.

Ducharme pointed out on Thursday that with less summer in the Stanley Cup final, the camp initially had to demand a few more of these players to make up for the lack of weeks of training.

That may be part of the explanation.

“We went the same day of the game and looked like the team that played its first pre-season game,” Nick Suzuki said. Our third period was great, we were under a lot of pressure. At that point, we found our legs. “

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Gallagher on ice

At least Deutsche did not see all the harm in the damage to the maple leaves. He noted that some of the elements found in the early days of the camp were applied during this encounter. The catch is that it is not constant.

“There are times when we respond well tonight, and others, no. There are good and bad. When you alternate between good times and bad times, you can’t create momentum. We can use these matches to move forward,” he said.

In the morning, Canadians coach Brendan Gallagher confirmed that he had set foot on the snow for the first time this morning. However, he did not take part in the clash between the Reds and the whites scheduled for the afternoon. He is expected to wear his uniform for the first time when Canadians leave for Ottawa on Friday.

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