May 27, 2023

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Federal Politics: Green Party leader Annami Paul announces her departure with bitterness

Federal Politics: Green Party leader Annami Paul announces her departure with bitterness

A week after leading his troops Sorry election results, Annami Paul The chief announced his departure on Monday Green Party of Canada, Claiming to be a victim of “attacks” and “conflicts” in his party. Quebec Green activists now want to turn their training page as quickly as possible.

“It’s painful. It’s the worst time of my life, in many ways,” Mr said.To me Paul did not respond to questions from reporters at a press briefing in Toronto.

For less than a year under the leadership of Annami Paul, the Green Party of Canada (PVC) won only 2.3% of the vote in the country in the federal election last Monday (against 6.5% in 2019), and 1.5% (compared to 4.45% in 2019) in Quebec. M.To me Paul finished fourth in his own riding. Prior to learning of these results, on election day, an Ontario lawyer said he had received a review statement of his leadership via an email from his party’s Federal Council.

Annami Paul is now entering the “resignation process” so that the SSC can elect an interim leader before the next leadership contest.

Do I have the strength to move on [à subir] Attacks, conflicts? The bottom line is, no, I don’t.

On Monday, it was not yet known whether the chef’s departure was conditional on her contract. Said his deputy To stay This is to be discussed “in the next two weeks,” at this point Mr.To me Paul will be in office.

“Do I have the strength to move on [à subir] Attacks, conflicts? Conclusion, no, I will not, ”Annami Paul explained Monday. Despite the lack of a prior diagnosis, she said she was adamant in her election campaign to break a glass ceiling. A black woman of Jewish faith, “wanted to show that someone likes her [elle] Can be obtained as far as possible. “

Internal conflict

M.To me Paul took advantage of his speech to settle some accounts in this regard The internal conflict that has plagued his party since the spring. For example, she argues that she has to do without campaign funds, that she does not have the employees needed for the election battle and that she is constantly threatened with prosecution from her own party.

Advisers claimed to have been victims of attacks by former bosses [du] Gone “, MTo me Paul insisted on sending a message to his rivals in his own political family: “You can find comfort [dans ma démission], But know that there are many people like me like you. In the end you will not win. “

His departure actually brought some relief to the Quebec faction of the Green Party in Canada, said its president, Luke Jolie-Coeur. “We think this is good news, because we do not have to go through a leadership review. When you become a boss […], You have to take your responsibilities, he said in an interview To stay. Especially given the percentage of votes polled in Quebec, depending on the party results, I think it would be the right thing to do. “

Already Annami Paul positions a lot of criticism before the campaign, Quebec section of PVC specially presented A unique election venue for Quebec Without the approval of his employer.

Rotate the page

“She can only blame herself for the party’s defeat,” said Daniel Green, a former deputy head of PVC. Elizabeth May. The man, who is also the vice chairman of the party council, denied the idea that Greens had vandalized Mr.To me Paul.

“The Green Party needs to find a good interim leader. To bring order to the party, by working with everyone, including Quebec, Annami Paul refused to do it.”

All the Green Party needs is to find a good interim leader. By working with everyone, including Quebec, to bring order to the party, Annami refused to do Paul.

Like him, green activists and sympathizers were all contacted Destiny On Monday they said they wanted to leave M quicklyTo me Paul can thus turn the page and prepare for a new pre-poll. The next leader should have a better understanding of Quebec, they said.

“There are allegations of anti-Semitism, racism, racism. This is what we saw again in his statement. [de lundi]. I think it’s an exaggeration to put all the criticism on these issues, “said Alex Tyrell, Quebec’s Green Party leader (which is not affiliated with PVC) .Mr Tyrell briefly tried his luck. Head of the Green Party in Canada, Before withdrawing. “I could not join MTo me Paul from the head. The integration process is missed. He does not exist, ”he said.

Dmitry Lascaris, who lost in the eighth round of voting against Annami Paul in the 2020 leadership race, called the experience “conversation very difficult, toxic.” “All you have to do is respectfully disagree. […] We need a leader who understands Quebec’s concerns and values ​​and understands the importance of Quebec in the electoral system, ”Montreal said.

Annami Paul finished fourth in Monday’s Toronto Center Riding. It received the support of 3,921 voters, just 8.5% of the vote. The green leader left a real national tour to support her candidates, she was willing to dedicate all her energy to the possible elections, She admitted from the first week of the campaign. Liberal candidate Marcy Ain eventually won more than 50% of the vote in the Toronto Center, followed by New Democrat Brian Chang (26%) and Conservative Ryan Lester (12.1%). However, Annami Paul is ahead of the candidate People’s Party of Canada In his constituency.

Two Green candidates were elected to the House of Commons: Elizabeth May (Sanich – Gulf Islands) and Mike Morris (Kitchener Center).

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