May 17, 2022

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Gasoline shortages are exacerbated by ‘panic purchases’ in the UK

Gasoline shortages are exacerbated by 'panic purchases' in the UK

Long queues at stations over the weekend, especially in big cities and especially in the capital London, have multiplied. On Monday, nearly 30% of giant BP stations were affected by fuel shortages.

One of our members received a container in the afternoon. And by the end of the afternoon, he was completely gone In public cars, Brian Maderson, an official said For, The Energy Distributors Association on the BBC.

Tabloid The The sun He went to three gas stations and quoted a tearful medical assistant who had to wait a long time. Now it is too late to see the patients who depend on me for my meals and medicines, She says.

Demand for gasoline has increased For Up to two-thirds of the members in nearly 5,500 independent locations out of a total of 8,000 gas stations across the country were warned that they ran out of fuel on Sunday, The rest is almost dry.

In recent days and despite calls from the government not to panic, gas stations have been hit by storms due to stocks that also affect the shelves of agricultural food products in supermarkets.

Motorists continue to queue in front of gas stations to fill up their tanks.

Photo: Getty Images / Chris J Ratcliffe

The energy crisis is a situation reminiscent of the 1970s that led to a fuel ration and a three-day work week. Protests against high fuel prices a decade ago also shut down refineries and disrupted operations in the country for weeks.

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Faced with a shortage of truck drivers, fuel shortages in stores or rare displays London finally decided to change and grant a post-Brexit immigration policy on Saturday 10,500 temporary work visas.

These three months of permits, from October to December, must meet the shortage of truck drivers, but also staff in key sectors such as poultry farming in the British economy.

Commerce and Energy Minister Quasi Quarteng said in a statement on Sunday that the energy supplier sector had been given a temporary exemption from competition rules so that they could prioritize the most needed areas.

On Sky News, Brian Maderson attributed the panic effect to one factor BP privacy report leaked at government meeting To whom Aired Wednesday And adaptation Panic shopping Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yesterday.

Army to defend?

Mr. Maderson is credited with the development that Army drivers can bring: Not as easy as you might think, because truck drivers are so special And tankers a The most flammable liquid in the country This requires proper loading and unloading procedures.

He argued that after the repatriation of European drivers returning to their countries with the epidemic and Brexit, there was also a shortage of drivers on the mainland of Europe.

He was unable to pass the issue of arrears of heavy vehicle driving licenses during detention. 40,000 HGV license applications from the UK are pending.

However, Mr Maderson said he hoped the issue would be partially resolved. By the end of the week.

Less hopefully, BP welcomed the government’s decision to grant more temporary visas to truck drivers, but felt it It takes time for the sector to strengthen deliveries and replenish stocks at outlets.

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In the middle of the opposition Labor Party’s annual convention, Rachel Reeves, Labor’s head of economic affairs, broke with Boris Johnson’s Conservative government. Sleep at the wheel In the wake of the country’s supply crisis.