December 6, 2023

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The known rival was finally blocked by Facebook

The known rival was finally blocked by Facebook

Vaccine and health action opponent, Franకోois Amalega Bitondo, has been blocked for 30 days by Facebook, but continues to call for “peaceful civil disobedience”.

“It will be until October 26. I can post on Facebook again. They have decided to suspend me like that,” the activist said in a video circulating on the social network.

The second was posted on Instagram —, a platform that said he wanted to turn around because of his suspension, but it looks like it has been removed ever since. Remember — that Instagram — also belongs to Facebook.

The 43-year-old, who is usually very active on social networks, has not posted anything on his Facebook page since September 25.

He filmed himself in front of schools …

On Monday, the web giant could not say Journal For whatever reason Franకోois Amalega may have been prevented from publishing Bitondo content, but he suggested that steps be taken to provide answers as soon as possible.

In recent weeks, the anti-vaccine activist has portrayed himself live on several occasions in front of schools, talking loudly with a megaphone and teenagers in hand.

He suggested in his videos that he wanted to prevent children from receiving injections to better protect themselves from Kovid-19.

Even passing legislation to ban protests within 50 meters of schools, daycare and hospitals did not stop him from performing. And he wanted to continue his hilarity.

“We must comply. I will continue. I will continue to go to schools, I will go to hospitals, I will go to vaccination centers to provide information that there is no infection,” he said in his video on Monday.

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… and collects what is found

However, Franకోois Amelga Bitondo has been collecting criminal statements since the outbreak began.

As of Monday, he had received 27 tickets under Public Health Act under the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP). Each of these tickets costs at least $ 1,546 and costs at least $ 41,742.

This is an increase of four results from September 2, which is equal to one on average per week.

On Sept. 1, police officers fined him $ 275 in Saint-Roche-de-Achigan.

Bitondo is due to appear in Montreal Municipal Court on Tuesday on charges of obstructing police work. The alleged crime took place on March 12.

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