May 18, 2022

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Xbox Insiders can start testing cloud gaming on it

Xbox Insiders can start testing cloud gaming on it

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(Pocket-Lint) – Microsoft today finally released Xbox Cloud Gaming, also known as XCloud, to Xbox consoles. Officially, cloud gaming is available on almost every device except Xbox, including Android, Windows 11 and some controversial iOS via the web app portal.

Now, however, bringing XCloud services directly to the Xbox consoles, which includes the latest generation models such as the Xbox One Line, means that console owners over the age of seven can play the latest and greatest titles. The series was only released last year.

In fact, since the Xbox Cloud Gaming is limited to 1080P at 60 FPS, it is not designed to fully reflect the gaming experience on the high-end console. However, for the more budget-conscious, this is a great feature that will make you feel like you are not completely left in the dust.

At the same time, adding cloud gaming means users don’t have to spend hours downloading a game to find out what they really care about. With Xcloud, the gamer can directly access the full experience as you queue up your favorite TV show episode on Netflix.

Not all Xbox Insiders can access the trial. For now, Microsoft says it will pre-select some Alpha Skip-Heads and Alpha Insiders, and more users will be added over time.

To Join Microsoft’s Xbox Insider Program, Click here . And if you want to learn more about Xbox Cloud Gaming, check out the full Pocket-Lint discount, click here.

Written by Alex Allegro. Originally published .

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