May 22, 2022

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Billy Elish: The incident pushed her to interrupt her concert

Billy Elish: The incident pushed her to interrupt her concert

While Billy Elish was performing at the Governor’s Ball Festival last weekend (September 24), she had to take her concert due to the crowd.

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In a video shared by members of the public on social media, the “bad guy” singer can be seen pausing in the middle of the song after noticing that something has happened, and indicating a finger event by opening: “Safety!” Why not be careful! Seriously! “

The star continued to perform the song “Everything I Want” before turning to her security guards and saying, “Please you have only one task.”

Seconds later, Billy called out to the crowd, “Are you okay? Is it okay?”

The dubious event is still a mystery, but it seems that the fear is greater than the harm as the star was able to end his concert without any interruption. And even though Billy is currently on tour to promote his album “Happier”, the young singer recently admitted that he still feels insane about having fans.

When asked about it on the set of “Drew Barrymore Show”, she replied: “I think it’s weird because for a moment I was a fan and the next day I suddenly looked like a star, even though I’m 14 years old. I said. “

In addition, the narrator of “Your Power” emphasizes that she is not different from her fans and sees them as a part of herself.

“I do music,” she says. “I see them as a part of me. I thank them for going through some things. They always support me.”

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“I’ve always been very assertive and honest,” she continued. “It’s a blessing in disguise. But the funny thing is, as I get older, I have less confidence in myself. I saw the documentary again a few weeks ago and it made me cry because I realized how free and open-minded I was. Then the media was off me. Pulled it. “

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