May 27, 2022

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New Baseball Stadium: Kais CEO announced by promoters

New Baseball Stadium: Kais CEO announced by promoters

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Newspaper.

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In an interview on Tuesday, Kais President and Chief Executive Officer Charles Emand confirmed that he was frequently contacted by a team of promoters led by businessman Stephen Bronffman to inform him personally about the development of the project.

“To be transparent with you, I received a lot of calls from promoters where they informed me about their process and their policies,” the fund’s CEO said. New baseball stadium project in the metropolis when asked to comment on construction.

Even in Ivanhoe Cambridge

Charles Emand did not mention that he knew the fine details of the new stadium construction project to be built on the Peel Basin lands. The multi-hundred million dollar project is still under discussion with the Franకోois Legalt government, which may decide to participate in its financing.

“They are [les promoteurs] He kept telling me about their process and their steps, he said he never thought he would find himself before the “Advanced”, “Tide” project, look at the financial structure. . “However, I think things are progressing on their side, on the other hand, the government has led to a charge towards the financing side of the stadium.”

The day before, Ivanhoe Cambridge president, Natalie Palladit Chef, the real estate subsidiary of Casey de Depot et Placement du Quebec, also said she had met with a team of developers.

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“We discussed it with the team. We’ve trying to see what role it can play, she confirmed to the journal when she attended the Canadian Club of Montreal Conference. It’s still basic. It’s too early to tell.”

In discussion with Quebec

Claridge, the Stephen Bron‌hman holding company, entered the Quebec lobbyists’ registry last spring. Mr. Bronfaman’s business is now run by Pierre Bovine, former CEO of Montreal Canadians.

The duo have the backing of many other local businessmen, including Mitch Garber (formerly Dragon), Eric Boyko of Stingray, GordoWorld’s Stefan Critier and Aliment Couch-Tord’s Alain Bouchard.

On Friday, the Minister of Economy, Pierre FitzGibbon, confirmed to the Journal that work needs to be done to establish different funding scenarios for the team.

An announcement is scheduled after the municipal elections in November to inform details of a possible sports union in shared custody between the cities of Montreal and Tampa Bay.

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