May 22, 2022

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Retrieval of missing viruses from circulation

Du paracétamol, des sprays pour le nez, des pastilles pour la gorge... C'est ce que vendent le plus les pharmaciens en ce moment.

For a while they disappeared. But this time, it all came back: winter viruses, tonsillitis, colds, gastro … last year With Kovid, they almost disappeared from circulation. This year, they are here again, and since the beginning of the academic year.

“Yes, a week has passed. We are asked a lot of things to get relief from sore throat, headache, cough.”, Confirmed by Assistant Claire Rodriguez at a pharmacy near La Rochelle in Miraul. “They’re coming a little earlier than usual, but not before that.”, Perrin Weck, Pharmacist adds.

Temperature variations, children returning to school …

First of all, there is Obstacle gestures – Wearing a mask, washing hands … – Less respect for a while, Especially since most people are vaccinated. But that is not all. Especially in Charente-Maritime, “In recent weeks we have seen a lot of temperature variations. During the day, it can be as hot as 20 degrees or more.Recalled Claire Rodriguez. But in the morning, sometimes we do not exceed ten degrees. Except suddenly, people weren’t dressed enough. ”

The third factor also explains the return of these small viruses. You have to go and look around the grounds. Last year, students were limited. So viruses are less likely to spread. “Ah ba, what infected me was my little one”, Says the pharmacist. And among his colleagues, there was another who had a broken throat for a few days.

Rinse your nose regularly to prevent bacteria from growing. “

So to avoid catching a cold or more, there is no real miracle. “You need to cover your throat so that it is repeated regularly to our customers”, Recalls Claire Rodriguez. Her coworker also advises you to clean your nose regularly: “It prevents germs from forming and bacteria from growing.”

Pharmacists also stateThere is nothing unusual, Quite the opposite: “It’s back to everyday life. And frankly, it’s good for us. We’ve found the heart of our work: advising people. We no longer cowid, it takes a long time …”

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