March 22, 2023

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Timely start for the return of 4,300 nurses

Timely start for the return of 4,300 nurses

Retired or private nurses are contacting health agencies to return to the public network after the Legalt government announced a generous bonus. But there is no wave in sight.

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Last week, Quebec offered a $ 12,000 (in some areas $ 15,000) bonus to bring 4,300 private or retired nurses back into the public network.

Since then, many healthcare companies have started Blitz to contact their former employees.

In western Montreal, CIUSSS consulted 562 former nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists, first by email and then by personalized follow-up. “As of today, about fifteen people are in the process of reunification and this is just the beginning,” the foundation wrote.

Of the 12 organizations that responded to our parliamentary office, CIUSSS de la Marisi-at-du-Center-du-Quebec achieved the best results.

The 34-member team contacted 1,204 former employees. To date, 31 have agreed to return and 63 are reflecting. The spokesman said 542 people had turned down the offer and 568 had not yet responded.

CHU de Quebec-University Laval said 49 people were interested. All four were officially appointed.

In addition, 108 part-time employees showed their interest in getting a full-time job in the large hospital network in Quebec City, under another bonus.

Regardless of the phenomenon, the CISSS de la Monteragi-Est speaks of a “strong nostalgia”.

Difficult elsewhere

Elsewhere, the excitement seems even more modest.

In Boss-Saint-Laurent‌, only one person came forward abruptly. CISSS has since launched a telephone call operation for its retirees and former employees.

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CISSS de l’Outaouais said it had received nearly ten applications.

Delegates, however, argue that the process has only just begun. Other companies did not respond to our requests yesterday or have no data yet.

In an interview with LCN, Treasury Board President Sonia agreed that label recruitment began at the “cap of drop”.

Most employees were vaccinated

The time has come to attract reinforcements to the health network. The massive recruitment of nurses is aimed at improving working conditions in the long run, but the shortage will be exacerbated with the implementation of the mandatory vaccination of employees on October 15.

Yesterday, the Minister of Health, Christian Dubey, was delighted to see that the number of unresponsive respondents had dropped from 30,000 last month to just 16,000 today, of which 6,400 were in direct contact with patients.

“That’s good news,” Mr. Dubey said.

Former employees Requested

  • CIUSSS du Center-sud-de-l-de-Montreal
    Nearly thirty people expressed interest, but the appointment was not completed.
  • CISSS des Laurentides
    Fourteen applications for evaluation, two of which will be confirmed this Friday.
  • CISSS of Quote-Nord
    Six requests, two of which are in the recruitment process.