May 23, 2022

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U.S. companies say the vaccine is “demanding.”

U.S. companies say the vaccine is "demanding."

(New York) In the air or in slaughterhouses, US companies United Airlines and Tyson Foods are required to vaccinate their employees against Kovid-19. It works, they said, paving the way for a U.S. government-planned vaccine requirement for any company with more than 100 employees.

Juliet Michael
France Media Agency

In the United States, employees in the United States have until Monday to provide proof of vaccination, we parade: 99.5% of those who do not request a medical or religious exemption are now vaccinated.

The company’s owner, Scott Kirby, raised the possibility of vaccinating his employees in January and did a workhorse for it.

He made it in early August, giving pilots, flight attendants and ground crews until September 27 to upload proof of their vaccine. Otherwise remove them.

The company is preparing to fire 593 people on Tuesday for not reporting vaccine status.

She saw the number drop to 320 employees on Thursday after some people downloaded the appropriate documents late. That number could fall further as workers are called in for layoff talks, United said.

“Our vaccination policy continues to prove necessary [le vaccin] Works, ”the company commented.

Increased immunity rate

In meat giant Tyson Foods, its operations were severely damaged by the spread of pollution at the beginning of the epidemic, and all employees must be vaccinated against 1Is November.

Photo by Michael Conroy, Associated Press

Tyson Foods Plant in Logansport, India

When this new policy was announced in early August they were less than half of those who received the vaccine.

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One month before the deadline, the company said Thursday that 91% had received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Other groups, such as Morgan Stanley Bank, oil company Chevron, or technology giant Microsoft, must prove that all or part of their team has been vaccinated.

However, they are not often office workers or commuters, people who work in channels or have direct contact with customers.

According to the US Federal Agency for Enforcement of Discrimination Against Discrimination (EEOC), employers have the right to vaccinate their employees to go to their place of work, with exceptions due to medical or religious objections.

President Joe Biden signed the executive order in early September, mandating that federal employees be vaccinated by November 22nd.

In the state of New York, caregivers must be vaccinated from Monday or 87% of them on Wednesday as their salaries are suspended and at risk of being redundant.

In New York alone, teachers theoretically have until Monday to receive the vaccine, with 91% of them receiving it on Tuesday.

Terrible tensions

Joe Biden has also instructed the Ministry of Labor to conduct vaccinations or conduct weekly screening tests in companies with more than 100 employees in the coming weeks. Details have yet to be announced.

Some are already opposing it, with Republican lawmakers Claudia Tenny and Jim Banks introducing a bill on Thursday banning the administration from establishing such rules.

Employees have initiated legal action in several US states.

The union, which represents the 14,000 pilots of American Airlines, has called for a special exemption, especially as some fear the side effects of the vaccine could end their careers.

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According to a Conference Board survey released on Tuesday, nearly two-thirds of big business managers support the government’s plan, but more than half are concerned about how they will be able to implement it.

“The government should proceed with caution in view of the intensity of the opposition of one-fourth of the business leaders and the expected difficulties in implementation,” said Lori Esposito Murray of the Conference Board.

She warns that if the guidelines are not clear and the goal is not met, “it will lead to more stress in the workplace than an increase in the vaccine rate”.