May 20, 2022

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Canadians: A total of 19 players cut the Laval racket and left

Canadians: A total of 19 players cut the Laval racket and left

Montreal – The Montreal Canadians once again narrowed the list of players who attended their training camp on Friday.

19 players were sold to Laval Racket in the American Hockey League for a club-school camp.

Players with NHL contracts in hand include forwards Cam Hillis, Arsene Khisamuttinov and Joel Teesdale, as well as defenders Louis Belpedio, Josh Brook and Javier Uel Yellet.

In the case of Belpedio and uel ylet, they can only join the Laval Club if they do not claim daytime exemptions.

Among the players rooted in the AHL contract are forwards Peter Abbondonato, Cedric Desroissocks, Justin Dacharme, Brandon Zignac, Jake Luccini, Shawn Saint-Amant and Kevin Roy, defenders Terence Amorosa, Charles-Davidi, David Beau, .

After four days of training at Brosard, the Hubs will play their third and fourth pre-season games this weekend against Sebes. The hubs will first be in Ottawa on Friday night, followed by a visit to the Bell Center on Sense Saturday.

After beating the Toronto Maple Leafs at home on Monday, CH will be looking for a second win in a row.

At his press conference on Thursday, head coach Dominique Ducharme said the same group of players who faced the Leafs on Monday should cross swords with Sense in Ontawa. However, we can see the entry of Finnish defender Sami into the scene.

Ducharm will confirm his training for the meeting tonight.