May 20, 2022

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Construction | The Habitations Trigon loses all licenses

Construction |  The Habitations Trigon loses all licenses

Residents Trigon lost all of their building licenses. Reggie du Bottiment du Quebec canceled them on September 30.

Hugo Jonkas

Hugo Jonkas

This decision created a real shock wave in construction because the builder, through several subsidiaries, is the largest in Quebec.

Régie (RBQ) Habitats Trigon, Patrice Saint-Pierre and Serge Rowlard are cracking down on managers, revoking less than 19 licenses used to operate projects, many of which have serious quality issues.

The RBQ Board of Directors alleged that they violated the regulations through various tactics.

“When the respondent and the leaders decide not to pay judgments, not to make false statements, not to cooperate adequately with the authorities, to maintain confusion, not to rule on public safety, and to tolerate violations of various laws and regulations, some of them are related to the safety of workers and the public, providing inadequate service after sales and poor quality work. In order to work without endless legal challenges and licenses, they and their companies are evading public law, ”the manager said.

Consequence: Habitats called Trigon “cannot earn the trust of the people and, therefore, belong to Regi”, emphasizing the decision.

RBQ is dealing harshly with “contemporary and recurring failures” for which “respondents and their managers have shown no desire for improvement,” manager Gilles Mignault wrote in his decision.

Reggie also declined to lease four limited partnerships created to launch other projects: Eco-Quartier de la Gare in Brosard‌, Espace Nature, Les Portes de Lundres and Quartier Vert Urban.

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On her Facebook account, the lawyer responsible for the case for customers who felt the company had cheated themselves was pleased with the decision.

“Today is a big step for the protection of the people,” writes Rafael Lavesque, who specializes in hidden flaws in an organization called Therian Couture Jolie-Coir.

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