May 23, 2022

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Culprit | Pour in Jake Gyllenhaal

Culprit |  Pour in Jake Gyllenhaal

Reduced to the emergency telephone center, a police inspector tries to help a frustrated interlocutor. The next van called from inside, apparently, she was in danger.

Mark-Andre Luzier

Mark-Andre Luzier

One can easily understand the reasons why Americans decided to make a product Remake A Danish feature film of the same title, released just three years ago. Audiences Award winner at the Sundance Festival in 2018, also screened at the Festival du Nouveau film de Montreal, Gustav Mల్లller’s thriller is actually based on a solid narrative that allows the viewer to imagine the situations in which the characters are immersed.

By assigning its adaptation Remake Nick Pizzolatto (Series A real detective) And Awareness of Antoine Fukuoka (Training day, Southpa), The voltage level is actually expected to be even higher. In this way, the slightest element of the story becomes overly dramatic, coming very close to growth in the face of the intensity of these effects. It seems that the artisans did not trust the strength of this story enough, it is true, it happens in one place, they are the telephone center that receives 911 calls.

Fortunately, Jake Gillenhall’s power of play was able to catch our attention. For the actor, this is a wonderful composition here, because his character is always called to respond to what he hears and has to trust his own temperaments, his own opinions. We also learn very quickly (very quickly?) Why this emotionally unstable police inspector was transferred to this post.

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The Guilty Its original version will be shown in some theaters and will also be available on Netflix (Without appeal This is a French title). In addition, the original Danish film is also offered on some platforms.

On Netflix and in theaters.

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The Guilty


The Guilty

Antoine Fuqua

Jake Gyllenhaal, Riley Keefe (voice), Ethan Hawke (voice)