May 29, 2022

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Aluminum salts are responsible for breast cancer

Aluminum salts are responsible for breast cancer

The Essential

  • Aluminum salts are genetically modified, which have an effect on breast cells.
  • By consuming products that contain aluminum salts, there is an increased risk of breast cancer.

Aluminum salts are actually carcinogens … this is an end in itself The new study was published in the journal Journal of Molecular Sciences. According to the researchers, these substances cause significant changes in the physical structure of the chromosomes as well as their number, only 24 hours after application of the product containing aluminum salts. In addition, they are also accused of destabilizing the gene – aggregate A person’s chromosomes and genes – which are harmful to breast cells: they can become malignant. It is possible for a person to develop breast cancer.

Breast cancer: Common in women

Each year, approximately 60,000 breast cancers are diagnosed. It is the most common female cancer. But if detected early, the chances of a cure are high. According to the health insurance website, Breast cancer detected at an early stage is said to have a 99% five-year survival, with only 26% being diagnosed at a late stage. This pathology is usually located on the outside of the armpit gland, near the armpit. Here, the skin is very thin and permeable. And this is where women apply their deodorant, which may contain aluminum salts. It is for this reason that researchers have been working for many years on the link between aluminum salts and breast cancer.

Compared with aluminum salts, tobacco and asbestos

To reach their results, the scientists analyzed the mechanisms of action of aluminum salts in cell transformation. Thus, they analyzed more than 300 cells. According to their research, aluminum salts have a negative effect on the gene and the human mammary gland. Patients who consume it, often unknowingly By Deodorants or sunscreens increase the risk of breast cancer. Before long, The authors believe that the carcinogenicity of products containing aluminum salts can be compared to the risks associated with tobacco or asbestos.

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Multiple risk factors for breast cancer

As with many diseases, there are many risk factors for breast cancer. Major age and gender: 80% of patients are over 50 years and 99% are women. Family history in the first degree, i.e. mother, daughter or sister, also increases the risk of developing this pathology. Finally, the hygiene of life also becomes questionable. Overweight, obesity, alcohol or tobacco use, lack of physical activity and an unbalanced diet can be risk factors. According to Health Insurance, 8,700 breast cancers in 2018 were attributed to alcohol consumption. Changing your lifestyle can limit the risk of suffering from this pathology. Aluminum deodorants without salts.