November 27, 2022

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Denise Coder demonstrates her mobility plan

Denise Coder demonstrates her mobility plan

Modernization of the Society de Transport de Montreal (STM) services, carpooling and promotion of self-service cars: these were the promises made by ensemble Montreal leader Denis Coderre during a trip to his party plan on Saturday morning. For mobility.

Coralie Laplante

Coralie Laplante

“The metropolis feels frozen when it comes to mobility,” said the conductor of Ensemble Montreal. Denise Coder wants to complete projects that are already underway.

He threw arrows at the Plante administration, saying it had “done nothing for four years” except make promises.

Denise Coder promised Anjou that he would extend the blue line, extend the Orange Line to Boise-Frank Station, and extend Boulevard Cavendish. He criticized “Project Montreal” for working against the site.

The ensemble also promised to build the Metropolitan Express Network (REM) for the Montreal Riviere-des-Prairies, as well as a “construction project between Lachin and Downtown”.

The party leader also wants to prevent motorists from “going into circles” to find a parking space. Signs indicating a parking ban will also be replaced, promising to simplify the display.

“We’re going to develop a simplified, intuitive display system that people can easily understand when parking,” said Lachin Mayor Jossey Cote, who attended the conference with Mr Codore.

Photo by Pascal Rathi, special combination

Josie Cote, ensemble Montreal candidate for Lachin mayor

The political party also promised that motorists would be able to pay their parking fees through the mobile party.

Mr Coder confirmed that a report on the evaluation of mobility in the metropolis would be published every two years with the aim of dealing with it “non-partisan”.

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Collective Montreal has not announced any action against cyclists in the metropolis. However, Denise Codrey clarified that there will be an open excursion on the subject in the coming days.

The car is not the enemy. In order to have better fluidity in mobility, we are going to give way to a solo low.

Denise Codrey, conductor of the ensemble Montreal

To achieve this goal, the ensemble hopes to increase the supply of Montreal self-service vehicles and implement measures to promote citizens to Carpool.

STM network modernization is also part of the party projects. Infrastructure will be set up that will allow public transport users to pay for their transportation tickets on the bus using a credit card or smart phone. The coder administration also wants to provide WiFi at all STM metro stations.

“Late awakening”, according to Project Montreal

Eric Alan Caldwell, Head of Mobility on the Valerie Plante Executive Committee, reacted strongly to Mr. Codore’s statement.

“For me, it’s really a late awakening for ensemble Montreal [en ce qui concerne] Montreal needs public transport and sustainable mobility, ”he said.

Mr. Caldwell gives a positive assessment of Project Montreal’s final order in terms of mobility. “What have we done for public transport in four years, in addition to the 300 buses?

Photo by Edward Plant-Frochet, Archives the Press

Eric Alan Caldwell, Head of Mobility on the Valerie Plante Executive Committee

Denise Codre has denied allegations that Mr Caldwell’s project is against the Montreal Cavendish Boulevard Extension Project. Instead, the party wanted to change the “road project”. “We have turned it into a truly sustainable mobility project, we have integrated the Green Corridor, we have integrated REV [Réseau express vélo], We have connected the sidewalk and the public transport right-of-way for pedestrians, ”he said.