June 30, 2022

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Departs at JD Gaming‌

Departs at JD Gaming‌

After a disappointing 2021 in terms of results, JD Gaming has launched its team restructuring project for the next LPL season and has announced the departure of Loken and Mystic.

LoKen is definitely turning the page on JD Gaming

JD Gaming is definitely one of the teams in the LPL League that has experienced the biggest setback this year. The champions of the LPL Spring Split and the Vice Champions of the Summer Split for the 2020 season had a very difficult 2021 season, ending last 12th overall last August. Regular, 7 wins record 9 losses. Kanavi and his teammates failed to qualify for the 2021 League of Legends Worlds.

With the level of play and results displayed in the LPL League, the club management has now confirmed that it is time to make some changes to the lineup. JD Gaming first announced the departure of Korean boatman Lee “Loken” Dong-wook, one of the team’s longest serving members. After a brief stint at TOP Sports in 2019 after more than three years at JD Gaming, Loken said goodbye to the company.

Jin “Mystic” Siong-June, who joined the team in December 2020, is not the only one currently on the exit since the company also announced that he will be LoKen’s replacement AD carry and lining. Despite the form sometimes poor locen, mystic year has not started and the whole 2021 season took a detour. Now 26 years old and having to deal with personal issues related to his divorce and the custody of his children, Mystic may return to Korea for good and end his career as a professional player as some believe.

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