July 3, 2022

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Non-elected officials are not the problem, Minister Lafarge believes Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

Non-elected officials are not the problem, Minister Lafarge believes  Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

You may see this as a sign of confidence in elected officials, but at the same time, every four years, many are elected by praise., Underline Mrs. LaForest, in an interview on the broadcast RDI.

According to preliminary data, for the November 7 poll, 572 mayors have already been elected without opposition. In addition, a total of 4,209 candidates were elected or re-elected without opposition to the 2021 election, a slight decrease from 2017 – here are 4,472 candidates Elected without opposition.

The Minister welcomed the number of women and youth who stood in the municipal elections. I started the campaign Let me introduce myself […] I think women want to introduce themselves. We increase the percentage by 4-5%, which is quite large, Mrs. LaForest was pleased.

She said she was happy that more people under the age of 35 could apply for municipal elections in this campaign. That is the goal of the campaign, Minister LaForest added.

Equality for the position of mayor or mayor has not yet been reached. This year, there are only 24.3% candidates for mayor. Bringing elected officials forward is great work, but the work continues. We have given a lot of time to municipalities, Mrs. LaForest agreed.

She recalled that elected officials would have to follow some training The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is with them and [qu’on] Wants the best candidates.

Ms Lafarge said low turnout was recorded in the municipal elections. 45% of registered voters exercise their right to vote. Following the federal election experience in the midst of the epidemic, citizens may not be willing to travel to vote on November 7th.

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I passed bill 85 [où est] They have already planned how the elections will take place in the event of an epidemic, Mrs. LaForrest replied, before adding that it was necessary Do everything to get people to vote. She mentioned the possibilityAdd voting days and give voters more time to show up at offices Ballet.

We put our fingers horizontally. I hope people go and vote, Said Mrs. LaForest.

We need representative municipal councils, the FQM believes

Meanwhile, the Quebec Federation of Municipalities (FQM) Congress concludes on Saturday, with the president of the organization, Jacques Demers agreeing with Minister LaForrest.

The problem of irresistible elections is growing Go anyway and look for that idea [celle de l’opposition] And should include women and young people In municipal politics. In fact, one in two mayors in Quebec was elected or re-elected without opposition.

For Mr. Demers, interview at also RDI, Requires municipal councils Look like our human beings, With better representation of women and youth. This year he told himself That side is really happy.

Elected officials spoke during Congress Economic development […] But the current problem is the workforce.

Elected officers, Mr. Demers recalled How to attract and retain young families in areas, people who really want to come and settle down.

The expansion of high speed internet for municipalities is another major issue. It is the infrastructure that keeps people in the areas, Said Mr. Demers, hoping it would be completed in a year.

If climate change is on the agenda in Congress, it is because, according to Mr. Demers, We do not return the ball to others. In our land, there are concrete things To do. He cited waste management, recycling and composting as issues and said it would be taken up Ask citizens to participate. It is determined locally and here we can make an impact, He concluded.

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