May 27, 2022

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Sentenced to one year in prison | “People are not fooled by anything,” said Nicolas Sarkozy

Sentenced to one year in prison |  "People are not fooled by anything," said Nicolas Sarkozy

(Paris) Nicolas Sarkozy announced on Saturday at the signing of his new book, two days after he was jailed for illegally financing a lost presidential campaign since 2012 in the Baigamalian file, “People will not be deceived by anything.” .

The former head of state, who announced that he would appeal the decision, arrived at the bookstore in XVI just before 11am.E 200 people in the Paris district are waiting for him to “wait”, “dare”, “we are”. Among them was lawyer Francis Szpiner, mayor of XVIE Arrondissement.

Photo by Thomas Cox, France-Press Agency

“It is very moving and at the same time on the mentality of the country, it is very reassuring that people will not be deceived by anything. […] “They understood,” Mr. Sarkozy commented in front of several television cameras on the spot as he began to dedicate his book. Excursions.

This was his first public expression after his sentence. In a message on social networks on Thursday, he condemned “injustice” and promised to “go to the end” to continue this fight for truth and justice.

When asked on Saturday about Prime Minister Jean Costex showing his “friendship” and “affection” on Thursday “on a personal basis”, the former President of the Republic (2007-2012) said: “It made me very happy, I did not surprise him, I am very sensitive to it, I have received thousands and thousands of messages of support. On behalf of Emmanuel Macron, did you ask a reporter?

Regarding his actual diagnosis, he emphasized: “What I think is narrative, what people think is more serious. I am not necessarily the most objective.”

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In the queue, Benoit Merisse, a fifty-year-old, said, “It’s quick to blame people. Excess is obvious, but condemn it from there!”. To him, Nicolas Sarkozy is the “compass” above all else. “He gained a certain knowledge and experience of power. He became .shi.”

A little further on, there are four law students, two boys and two girls between the ages of 17 and 20, because they like “this” right last big cadre “, which makes them” a little nostalgic “.

“We want to take a photo with him, because he’s a former president, and at least not,” explained Bartholomew, one of them, recalling that Mr Sarkozy had “been acquitted since he appealed.”

In March, Nicolas Sarkozy became V’s first former presidentE The Republic is sentenced to three years in prison – including one institution – for corruption and influence, in another case known as “eve‌sdroping”.

He also appealed, dropping the sentence virtually.