December 8, 2022

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The first gaming PC with the Intel Alder Lake chip was leaked

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Intel has already announced that Alder Lake processors will arrive in 2021, but the company has not yet provided a release date. Now, new leaked processors from the upcoming Lenovo desktop PC are about to be released.

Shared Through the Chinese site ITHome, Lenovo 9000K 2022 Marketing Image Shows Alder Lake will be available in October. Lenovo 9000k You know it best as Lenovo Tower 7, a high-end gaming desktop. The shared marketing image does not explicitly mention Alder Lake processors. However, she refers to it The machine has DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0.

These are the two biggest features of the Alder Lake chip, and were not available in previous generations from AMD or Intel. Since we know that Alder Lake is coming in 2021 and the platform will support both of these features, we can assume that the Lenovo 9000K is equipped with the latest chips from Intel.

ITHome reported The machine will be launched on October 29, But does not understand when Alder Lake will launch. Most rumors suggest an October or November release date, but recent speculation is that the processors will arrive in November. Intel has not yet announced a release date.

However, we know that the processors will be coming soon. With little time left in 2021 and increased pressure from rival AMD, it is expected that the generation of Intel processors and their arrival date will be revealed soon. We hope to hear more at the Intel Innovation event on October 27, two days before the launch of the Lenovo Legion 9000K.

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Very powerful chip

Although we do not know the release date, Intel Alder shared a lot of information about the Lake chip. This is the first time the company has introduced hybrid processors for desktop computers. Drawing inspiration from large design. ARM’s smallest, found in mobile chips, Alder Lake processors combine high performance (P) and efficient (E) cores to increase efficiency and increase multi-core performance.

The Core i9-12900K tops the range with 16 cores and 24 cores Threads. A recent leak Benchmark Showed the processor to beat AMD’s Raizen 9 5950X Benchmark 21% cinebench R23 single-core. Previous rumors have suggested that Alder Lake will boost single-core performance by 20%.

However, we will have to wait until Intel reveals the performance of the chips before making any decisions. The Lenovo Legion 9000K indicates an upcoming start date, but October 29th may be the pre-order date cited by Ithom or it may be completely incorrect.