November 29, 2022

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The government has been slow in resolving the scams

The government has been slow in resolving the scams

PCU fraud in statistics

23 842*
Reports to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center between March 6, 2020 and June 30, 2021

7,6 M $
Attributable financial losses

22,800 reports
Officially opened


About 40%
In all these files in Quebec

* This film contains phishing and texting fraud

The Government of Canada has been waiting a long time to begin the research needed to end the Canadian Emergency Benefit Scammers game.

At least the Canadian Taxpayers Association (CFC) believes.

“The government is aware of some irregularities and has done nothing,” said Franco Terrazano, the new federal director of the FCC.

“We understand that citizens need to be supported at the beginning of the epidemic, but taxpayers can save significant amounts if these investigations are started early. The government must work to recover every dollar that has been defrauded,” he said in an email.

Friday lots The Bureau of Investigation has revealed that this is very easy for fraudsters To use the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) site to claim Canada Emergency Benefit (CEP).

The federal government, on the CRA side and the Treasury Board side, did not respond to questions asked by the QMI agency yesterday.

In the first weeks of the epidemic, when it was felt that emergency help was needed, Justin Trudeau’s liberal government decided to address a crucial security issue: the mother’s first name at birth. The goal is to simplify the application process to provide assistance as quickly as possible.

Easy for scammers

As revealed by the Bureau of Investigation, it is also possible for fraudsters to alter an applicant’s banking information without raising the issue of employment insurance authorities.

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⁇ [Le gouvernement] There is a long way to go before we can do the research needed to make sure that every person who receives ECPs is actually asking for ECPs, ”said FCC spokesman Renaud Brassard.

As of May 2020, the FCC is concerned about the lack of government oversight and fears a real open bar.

“The worry is that they are not even trying to stop the abuse,” former FCC federal director Aaron Woodrick said in a radio interview with Vancouver NEWS 1130 in May 2020.

“Under the circumstances, I understand that they will have to withdraw the money first and ask questions later. But they will still have to ask questions,” he feared at the time.

“Black Cubacois has repeatedly called on the government to strengthen security and online identity checks, especially to combat PCU-linked scams. However, the liberal government has not taken the issue seriously enough and in some cases preferred to punish fraudsters rather than attacking fraudsters. And it will not be the last until these controls are tightened, ”his part attributed to the Black Quebocois Cabinet, Julian Coulombay-Bonnafus

No one can count the amounts lost through PCU fraud, not the government or the police.