May 18, 2022

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The stadium position is shaped on paper

The stadium position is shaped on paper

The Montreal Baseball Group can do everything to stay calm, behind the scenes, as the Bronf‌man clan is busy moving forward with its baseball stadium construction project.

Over the past few days, Newspaper The site has got its hands on plans for the so-called Wellington Basin in the targeted industrial zone in the Point‌-Saint-Charles neighborhood for the future stadium.

Prepared by Alberta consulting engineering firm StanTech, the scale of the upcoming project, the orientation of the 440,000-square-foot stadium, the exact location on which it will be built, and the land and buildings dedicated to land reclamation. .

Among them, no doubt, Lotto-Quebec’s enormous multifunctional center in front of the Costco warehouse on Bridge Street seems to be the most at risk.

The plans, signed by StanTech, are dated April 27, 2021. The Professional baseball team project, led by the Bron‌f‌man dynasty, is well underway last spring, but the province has begun its decontamination.

StanTech senior management has not responded to numerous interviews submitted over the past few days at headquarters in Montreal and Edmonton.

For the record, Alberton bought the remains of Dessau in 2014, whose reputation was severely damaged in the wake of the Charbonnio Commission.

But an independent source, who works at a consulting company, has been confirmed Journal The plan, signed by StanTech, clearly reflects some of the work that its experts have achieved in the Montreal Stadium file.

Same silence towards Klridge, the successor to the Montreal billionaire and former shareholder of the Expos, Charles Braunman, Stephen Braunman investment firm. Its CEO, Pierre Bovine, did not respond to our request for an interview to discuss the plans.

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Finally, the Baseball Montreal Group (GBM) did not wish to discuss the plans obtained or confirm that it had granted Stantotech an engineering mandate for the production of such site plans.

Shortly after contacting the Le Journal, GBM released a four-sentence press release yesterday indicating that it would continue to “work for the development of sister cities” with several actors, including Tampa Bay. Others. Construction and economic development circles.

“We must continue our policy rigorously until we share a comprehensive and comprehensive vision of gaining support from the community,” said Stephen Bronfman. The next day after the municipal elections in Montreal took advantage of the latter opportunity to deny information that an announcement had been made by the promoters. “No announcement about the project will be made” on November 7 “or” in the next few days or weeks, “the statement said.

The selected site, known as the Wellington Basin, is a vast industrial and commercial zone in Point-Saint-Charles, surrounded by the Lashin Canal and the railways. Thousands of travelers cross in the evening and morning to reach the Victoria Bridge, which connects Montreal and the south coast.

According to Stantech plans, Lotto-Quebec’s massive multifunctional center and its 350,000-square-foot multi-level parking lot, in front of the Costco store on Bridge Street, appear to be at risk of being looted. It also covers part of the facilities of P&H Milling Group, Canada’s largest grain and flour producer, whose grain elevators and warehouses are at the end of Little Oak Street, which is also at risk of disappearing under the future stadium.

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Subsequent construction costs could exceed $ 1 billion. Quebec is considering the possibility of collaborating on the project.

– In collaboration with Jean-Louis Fortin

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