May 28, 2022

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Three friends have launched a help and advice app for people with sickle cell disease!

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The fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic seemed to hide the fight against many other diseases. Dangerous to each other, they continue to give scientists a hard time. What she is talking about is sickle cell disease. An application to help patients. It relieves the suffering of many patients.

Dropcare, an application that helps the sick!

This is an innovation for public health. This application is the creation of three friends who are studying about public health in the French capital. Using technology, these students came up with better prevention and information on sickle cell disease.

The machine was launched on June 19. Meryem Ait Zerbane, Laetitia Defoi and Anouchka Kponou launched this application, which helps. Through conferences at several universities, these three friends are already giving more clarity to the public and health workers. France and Belgium have already welcomed the innovation.

How to get Dropcare application?

Currently, this app can be downloaded on Android. The patient downloads it by providing personal information about his condition as he fills in his health record. He makes the information available to the specialist for proper follow-up.

Therefore, he can always get advice and information on sickle cell disease over time, without having to go to a caregiver. It is an addition to all existing systems in patient care.

Objectives of this innovation

According to student descriptions, this is essential support for sickle cell disease patients. In essence, it is a way for a patient to manage their treatment without much difficulty. Above all giving him the independence of a guardian. Patients, as well as health professionals all benefit.

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What do you need to know about these three students?

Not all of them have the same basic training. People from different countries have crossed paths for a master’s degree in public health at a university in the French capital. Their collaboration dates back to 2015. Anouchka Beninis Nationality. She has basic training in biotechnology. With an engineering degree, she is involved in this project alongside a pharmacist and a nurse. Merriam is of Moroccan nationality. She is a pharmacist and a group nurse from Martinique.

User reception of the application

It should be noted the success achieved in France and many other countries in the world. More than a thousand subscribers have already downloaded this application in France.

Many communities fighting against genetic diseases have shown their support for this project. However, it should be noted that Internet access, especially in Africa, has some difficulties that are not yet realistic for everyone.

However, many users have witnessed access to certain features without the Internet. Due to the reduced number of nursing staff on the African continent, many physicians believe that this application will help patients self-monitor. Patients and their parents can prevent and manage seizures without traveling.

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