May 25, 2022

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10 assistants of QS will be candidates again

10 assistants of QS will be candidates again

While many members of the (Montreal) National Assembly are reflecting on their political future, the parliamentary caucus of Quebec Solidair (QS) announced on Sunday that it would represent itself as a bloc in the next provincial election.

A year before the next election in Quebec, the party said in a press release that every member of Quebec Solidarity will seek its constituency nomination in the coming months.

The party boasts that it has not lost a single MP since the 2018 elections, which increased its number of seats in the National Assembly from three to 10.

With work and experience, QS representatives believe their party is now in a position to achieve other successes in Quebec.

Every member of the Caucasus has grown and matured since 2018, together we form a formidable team.

Gabriel Nade-Dubois, Quebec Solidair spokesman, in a press release.

The next they were in Rimowski on Saturday, where he met with a group of hairdressers and activists, talking about various issues such as pension funding and improved working conditions. He will be in the Boss-Saint-Laurent area on Monday.

In addition, Quebec Solidair began pre-election preparations over the weekend, holding a series of mobilization meetings on strategically qualified riders, with MP Christine Labrie in Sherbrooke on Saturday.

“We are well settled and we are coming together as never before from this pandemic year,” said Manon Mass, a spokesman for the political party.

Quebec Solidarity activists will receive their next election platform on November 19, 20 and 21 during their congress. Two speakers will be ready for the election and members of Congress will elect a new chair.

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