December 8, 2022

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Apologies from Justin Trudeau are not enough

Apologies from Justin Trudeau are not enough

According to experts, the excuses given by the Prime Minister of Canada to a Swadeshi leader for not participating in the National Truth and Reconciliation Day celebrations are not enough, according to experts.

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While Justin Trudeau was staying with his family in Tofino on Vancouver Island, he phoned local leader Rosanne Casimir on Saturday to apologize for not attending the ceremony he was invited to attend.

Martin Papillon, a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Montreal, noted the “strange message” sent by the head of government.

“It also confirms some of the perceptions that are especially prevalent in aboriginal societies. When it comes time to take definite actions and actions, it is even more difficult for him,” he said.

Reinforce the attack lines

For his part, Eric Montigny, a professor of political science at Laval University, cites two factors associated with the incident, which can cause problems in terms of political communication. First, the lack of transparency in its agenda by the media; Then, the problem of logic with the public holiday, he decided for himself.

“There is a consistency issue between what it says and does in the message. This half-apology in private, on the phone with a single indigenous leader, can not be said to be such a political conversation, it will end the confusion,” Mr Montigni explained.

Avoid discussion

Criticizing the Prime Minister last Thursday, Global News footage showed him at a beach house in Tofino on Vancouver Island instead of attending public events. However, he attended a nightclub in Parliament Hill, Ottawa the day before.

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On September 29, Justin Trudeau raised tensions with his conciliatory speech following a decision by the Federal Court of Canada on compensation for indigenous families.

“I think Mr. Trudeau would not want to be asked the question if he’s going to appeal. It’s not the right thing to do today.”.

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Those tours Provokes controversy …

  • In 2017, Justin Trudeau spent the holiday season on the private island of a Muslim spiritual leader in the Bahamas, marking Canada’s 150th birthday.
  • In 2018, the Prime Minister and his family’s diplomatic visit to India was described as a “failure”. There the government received him coldly. An invitation was sent to the Sikh militant and there was criticism of his lack of material.
  • September 30, the first National Truth and Reconciliation Day, Mr. Trudeau visited Tofino.

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