December 4, 2022

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FIFPRO, the World Athletes Association, condemned the lack of a global vision of the authorities

FIFPRO, the World Athletes Association, condemned the lack of a global vision of the authorities

The World Football Association (FIFPRO) has recently called for appropriate talks “Lack of worldview” Football organizations, especially the idea of ​​a World Cup every two years, its Secretary-General Jonas Bear-Hoffman on Monday, talking about the talks on the reform of the calendar “Driven by commercial interests”.

“We need a reasonable and effective reform”

Jonas Bear-Hoffman, FIFPRO Secretary General

Speaking via video conference towards the presentation on Tuesday, the leader called for a report on the hellish rates of pro players “Reasonable and Effective Reform” To reduce the burden on football players, there is an increased risk of injury. “There is an absolute shortage of global vision and leadership from most organizations “Jonas Bear-Hoffmann, however, has begun the process of consulting with FIFA to double the frequency of its premier competition from 2028, a proposal that UEFA has specifically rejected.

“Proposals, whether they are good for football, bad or terrible, lead to very little discussion or consultation because everything is in line with the commercial interests of different competitions,” he said. He continued. “It really undermines our chances of achieving a reasonable and effective version. We really want to try to separate the discussion on the calendar and the competitions, they are very different.”

Not against extraction from international windows

The discussion around the international calendar and a World Cup every two years has been revived in recent weeks by former FIFA development director Arsene Wenger. The latter recommends a selection competition each year, alternating global and continental competitions, but grouping qualifications in October or October and March. The full report should be published by FIFA before November “Global Summit” By the end of the year. For his part, Jonas Bear-Hoffman opened up to the idea “Condens windows” Reduce international travel and therefore player fatigue.

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Hell rates for players are rising

“We have yet to see and evaluate this, but reducing the number of windows would be positive”, He argues. FIFPRO General Secretary warns, however, that the same major nations will qualify every time against the biennial World Cup, without other parallel competitions “Small Countries” To develop himself. The FIFPRO report, published by KPMG on Tuesday on a sample of 265 male players, shows an increase in the number of matches played every three or four days: the most exposed players, international players playing in the biggest clubs, played an average of 67% during their annual game in 2020-2021, five between two appearances Rest less than days, this report points out.