May 17, 2022

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Get Free New World, Prime Gaming Rewards

New World Prime Gaming

New World is offering free items to Amazon Prime members through Prime Gaming. Here’s what you can earn and how to claim them.

Amazon’s long-awaited MMO has finally arrived for PC gamers. And as you might expect, New World Players get some amazing bonuses through Prime Gaming.

With a monthly subscription to Amazon, which offers many benefits, including free shipping, video streaming and access to prime gaming (formerly Twitch Gaming), gamers can earn bonus content to enjoy on Eternum.

Not only do players acquire new cosmetic items, the currency in the game is also available. Here’s how to get the New World Prime gaming loot if you are an Amazon Prime member.


New World is ready to receive a lot of content for Prime Gaming subscribers.

How To Claim Amazon Prime Rewards In The New World

If you want to get these rewards, you need to link your Steam and Amazon accounts through the Prime Gaming site. Follow the next steps:

  • Meeting
  • Click on Current Pack (currently Pirate Pack # 1), and then follow the instructions to link your Steam account.
  • Once this is done, you will be redirected to the page to claim your items.

Where to find Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards in the game

If the game servers are working properly, you can find items in your character inventory.

Once you are logged in, press TAB to open the list. There you will find your new cosmetics and your change.

What are the Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards in the New World

Pirate New World

The first pirate pack is already available.

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The first pack of the game, Pirate Pack no. 1, consists of the following

  • Pirate costumes
  • Pirate Attitude Emote
  • Good luck with 5,000 marks

Amazon is offering more packs in the coming months, with Pirate Pack # 2 scheduled for October 12th.

Finally, the first of two Robin Hood themed packs arrives on October 26th.