June 5, 2023

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Joe Biden Stimulus Plan | Senator movie protesters followed the toilet

Joe Biden Stimulus Plan |  Senator movie protesters followed the toilet

(Washington) A centrist Democratic senator who played a key role in the debate surrounding Joe Biden’s Titanic investment program, left protesters on Monday angry that leftists were following the toilets, a sign of divisions that could break up the party. President of the United States.

Kirsten Cinema has been representing Arizona in the U.S. Congress since 2019, having previously won the Republican seat for nearly 25 years.

At age 45, she played a key role in negotiations between Democrats and Republicans, gaining the Senate green light in August for a historic plan to invest $ 1.2 trillion in infrastructure.

The senator, however, opposes the amount originally set for the other part of Biden’s plans: $ 3.5 trillion, which is intended to fundamentally reform American social fabric and fight climate change. This amount is subject to discussion in both chambers.

This is the position a small group of protesters from the “Lucha” organization criticized her on Sunday in the halls of Arizona State University where she teaches.

“We want to talk to you,” Voice said in a video uploaded by Lucha.

“I’m going,” the senator replied calmly. These are his only words in the thrilling series.

Because the demonstrators follow the senator in the toilets, when she is locked in the cabin without stopping filming, they hear the sound of flushing the toilets and the students come out to wash their hands.

Finally, the Kirsten movie came out quietly, and a protester stood nearby and washed his hands, saying, “I need you to support the workers. ”

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“Yesterday’s conduct was not a legal demonstration,” the senator on Monday condemned, saying it was “completely inappropriate”.

For his part, another centrist Democrat, West Virginia Senator Joe Munchin, was recently targeted by protesters at a kayak near his barge in Washington.

Joe Biden was questioned on Monday about these practices after the two senators asserted to themselves that they were hindering the progress of his major plans.

“These are not appropriate strategies, but it happens to everyone,” he responded. “It’s part of the process.”

White House spokeswoman Jen Saki later said the senator had harsh words, saying it was unacceptable to follow the movie toilet.