November 27, 2022

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The Last Emotional Municipal Council for Laboum

The Last Emotional Municipal Council for Laboum

A thousand miles away from the serious political clashes of recent years, the last municipal council of the Laboum era took place on Monday evening in an atmosphere of emotion and mutual respect among elected officials.

Regis Labyum, who has been head of the municipality since December 2007, in his inaugural address, at times, choked. “I have every intention of being an ex for a long time. I said an ex. Not a mother-in-law,” he warned with a laugh.

A few minutes earlier, the politician had observed his action by “leaving happily”. The 65-year-old, who has served on nearly 400 city councils and entire committees over 14 years, admits he “can’t wait until it’s over” and never gets bored with the political game.

When asked about his political eggs, he replied that the 400th anniversary celebrations, such as the Amphitheater or the Ice Center, were not the best memories he had. Instead, achievements such as the town’s land use planning and financial management make him very proud.

“The most exciting science town planning,” he says.

No abuse

There are still a few cases to close dinners and say goodbye with his team to organize. It is also necessary to resolve the final details with the artist who will make his portrait. It hangs in the mayor’s alley, in the town hall hall, where he joins his ancestors who passed in front of the capital.

We want you to remember that the mayor had “14 years of honest and authentic politics.” He is proud that his administration has not been embroiled in scandals or extortion. He does it respectfully.

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Along with the mayor, nine city councilors sat in their final city council on Monday. They all thanked their loved ones and their members.

Improved financial posture

In another note, the municipal administration revealed that the record set in construction this year allowed the city to end the year in a better financial position than expected.

The Finance Ministry expects to end the year 2021 with a deficit of $ 49.8 million, especially due to the epidemic. But these estimates have improved and the deficit will eventually be 14 million lower ($ 35.7 million).

This ensures that the city does not have to sink into its contingency fund and that it escapes with the amounts sanctioned by the government.

Praise and goodbye

Win the best! “

-Rigis LaBeoum concludes his inaugural address by approving his runner-up, Mary-Josie Saward.

Thank you, Regis. Thank you for believing in women. Thank you for making room for women. “

-Mary-Josie Saward, Head of Team Saward

“M. LaBeoum is leaving. He was also my mayor for 14 years. We can say that it is a symbol of imagination. “

– Jean-Franois Gosselin, Quebec 21 Chief.

You saved 400E When you arrive. You made Quebec proud again. “

– Jean Rousseau, leader of Democratic Quebec.

“I’m going back to my family to look after my children and grandchildren. I had to leave them for general well – being.”

– Yvonne Bassiers, Dean of the Municipal Council.