March 22, 2023

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Adele’s new clip was filmed in Quebec

Adele's new clip was filmed in Quebec

Rumors spread, but now they have been confirmed: Adele is back in music five years later. The British singer posted a teaser of the clip on Instagram on Tuesday Easy on me, Filmed in the Eastern Townships and directed by Javier Dolan, Learned Tap.

Charles-Eric Blaise-Pauline

Charles-Eric Blaise-Pauline

The 21-second short film, shot in black and white, announced the expected single on October 15. The Quebec filmmaker has already directed a clip on the success of the planets Hello, Partly filmed in Dunham.

Last September, Twitter users reported seeing Singer with a film crew in the same area. Neither Adele’s entourage nor Javier Dolan commented on the rumors. Tap Chemin was able to confirm that the scenes were filmed in Jordan and the domain Dumont Chapel St-Agnes in Sutton. The owner of the vineyard, bound by a privacy agreement, was reluctant to provide details. “It’s an open secret in the area,” he said. Since the pop star passed away, residents of eastern townships have flocked to his business.

Most of the filming took place on September 15 and 16 and was attended by over a hundred technicians. Everyone should be silent about the project until the clip is published in 10 days.

Caught La Dolan

No doubt, the first picturesEasy on me Have the director’s signature Mommy. The clip begins with a close-up of the car cassette player. Inserted hand recording adorned with false nails and stately ringEasy On top of me The Adele’s eyes immediately appear in the rearview mirror. After the conductor turns the volume knob and screams lightly, a soft piano ballad is heard. The singer’s left arm flew into the air as she was walking on a rural road – literally Jordan Road in Sutton. Sheet music slips out the back window.

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The final shot shows a trailer loaded with table and chairs, indicating a movement. The October 15 date was finally announced. At the end of the day, Tuesday, The Instagram video received nearly 10 million views.

Adele has received worldwide acclaim for her albums 19, 21 And 25, Evidence of a comeback has emerged. Over the past weekend, screenings of billboards and iconic landmarks have appeared in cities such as New York, Paris and London. The 33-year-old singer now appears only on the “30” number as a sequel to the titles of previous albums.

The site, which uses the colors of the campaign, was also put online last Monday. Internet users can subscribe to receive updates on Interpreter Someone like you.

At the time of writing, Javier Dolan has not yet been reached.