March 21, 2023

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COVID-19 | The Journal of Montreal

COVID-19 |  The Journal of Montreal

Not the most exciting team playoffs in baseball. Too bad for Blue Jays, because they deserve it.

Honestly, you think they would have done this if they could have played all of their home games in Toronto.

Due to health restrictions on COVID-19 in Canada, Jace began campaigning at TD Ballpark, their training camp residence in Dunedin, Florida.

In early June, while they were in the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, they moved to Sahleen Field, part of their AAA Buffalo School Club.

So far, they are showing a .500 record as a home team.

Home repayment

22 months later, Jace was finally able to return to the Rogers Center. The results came quickly.

The team held a 25-11 record in front of its fans and had an overall record equal to that of the Tampa Bay Race and the Yankees in all 63 games, or 40 wins with 23 defeats.

The Red Sox, who started the season in the Lions, at the same time held a one-game (32-31) record above .500.

A short game, ultimately decisive for the Blue Jays.

It’s disgusting.

It was exciting to watch it play

The Toronto team was looking forward to playing in the playoffs.

We talk a lot about his batting power for good reason. She finished first for a home run at 262, and second in the Astros for batting average. Houston won by just over a thousand points (.267 vs. 266).

Jace stalks did not work so bad overall.

His 3.91 collective run average averaged the fifth in the American League and 10 for himE Put in majors.

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But not all is lost.

The best is yet to come!