May 27, 2023

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Rapid School Screening Assures Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Coronavirus: Ontario

Rapid School Screening Assures Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Coronavirus: Ontario

School closures due to COVID-19 as schools Mauryl-Belanger, Marius-Barbie and Saint-Benedict, In the nation’s capital, many parents fear. Access to these rapid tests assures them.

My son has been home for a week because there is a case on the bus so it would be a good idea if I could improve the situation with it, Croit Katia Major.

The educational community, for the time being, is undoubtedly one of the most needed environments as children are not vaccinated., Étienne Trépanier adds.

We can be sure that it is safe [dans les écoles], That is the most important thing, Add Mark McLaughlin.

Areas with the highest risk of transmission will be eligible These tests and screening Is done on a voluntary basis.

Each local public health unit decides whether or not to use expedited tests and, if so, which schools.

The BSEO Estimates the expansion of the tests

In Eastern Ontario, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) predicted where it would be used.

I think Hawksbury And the schools in Cornwall are there because there are so many cases, there are so many cases in our schools, Explained by Dr. Paul Romeliotis. We are not ready to say exact schools. […] Many factors can help us to make a decision.

He was pleased with the process of regionalization that was in line with the different realities in the province.

However, it is too early to know when rapid screening tests will enter schools. Dr. Romeliotis did not believe he would be deployed next week.

The Ottawa Public Health (OPH) should provide more details in a few days.

Take-home PCR tests become available when there is concern about the spread and when the entire school needs testing for COVID-19 to investigate the intercoolert transmission. Due to their high sensitivity to detect COVID-19., Writes Dr. Vera Aches, Chief Medical Officer of Health, in an email.

Prolonged delayed tests

According to the Association of Franco-Ontario Teachers (AEFO), the expansion of rapid exams should have taken place earlier.

The government has been talking about this for a long time, Launched by its President Anne Vinet-Roy. The government has promised that there will be 50,000 tests per week and the breakdown will be corrected. The government has been making tons of promises for months and months, at one time, when we did not trust them it was not fulfilled.

She alleged that the government was more reactive than active in the management of the epidemic in schools.

We have to wait, and when we wait the situation gets worse, She denied. We slowly learn how things happen.

A woman posed for a photo.

Anne Vinet-Roy is president of the Franco-Ontarian Teachers (Archives) Association.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pierre-Olivier Bernatchez

Yes, it may not be broadcast in schools, but students come from the community and come to our schools. Want, no, it’s right now.

A quote from:Anne Vinet-Roy, Association of Franco-Ontario Teachers (AEFO)

The good news While waiting for the vaccine

At the time of vaccination Available to those under 12 years of age, The expansion of the tests will be viewed favorably by family physician and virologist Dr. Hughes Loemba.

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If you have symptoms, you may be advised to get tested easily before going to school, but if you do not have symptoms, check if you do not have time yet. Avoid the virus without symptoms and then take it to school, He manages.

Dr. Lomba also reiterated the importance of ensuring that children do not indicate the source of infection and transmission outside school walls.

Although they have a relatively minor illness, they can pass it on to the elderly and their grandparents around them., The doctor argues. We must see […] They are not a source of infection to society.

With information from Fiona Collian, Estelle Cote-Sroka, Mariel Guimond and Rosalie Sinclair