May 20, 2022

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Residences Trigon customers are always protected

Residences Trigon customers are always protected

Residences Trigon customers can be assured: their homes under the Guarantee of Residential Construction (GCR) protection are safe despite the construction company’s setbacks.

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“Consumers who own a home that this company has recently built may have been wondering in recent days about their protections. […] We want to assure them that even if the company loses its licenses, the mandatory warranty plan is still in place and they are still being protected, “said GCR Chairman and CEO Daniel Laplante.

The Habitations Trigon, one of the most important building builders in the province, saw all of its licenses and its subsidiaries were suspended by Reggie du Batiment du Quebec on September 30. These companies have been behind a total of 22,000 units of real estate projects over the past 11 years.

Pinned up several times by Radio-Canada reports, the Habitations Trigon has lost its license due to numerous violations, including hundreds of errors listed on its sites.

Despite all this, “the buildings constructed by the company and guaranteed by GCR remain intact, and in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in the regulation on the guarantee plan for new residential buildings,” the company said Tuesday morning.

Resident Trigon customers with any questions are invited to contact GCR at 1 855-657-2333 or email [email protected]

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