February 25, 2024

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Sexual Exploitation: Former “Sugar Baby” testifies

Sexual Exploitation: Former "Sugar Baby" testifies

The Quebec government announced on Tuesday that it has allocated $ 19 million to fight sexual harassment of minors.

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Clementine faced a similar situation. The young woman, who testified at a press briefing on Tuesday, came to tell her story in detail on the Denise Lowesque show.

Her goal is clear: to prevent other young women from becoming like her in all ways.

“I feel it is my responsibility to inform them and also the parents,” Clementine said.

A second person believes that, like most young people her age, she is unaware of the dangers posed by the Internet.

At the age of 19, when she was having a troubled time, she became interested in the website she was connecting to. “Sugar Daddies“And”Sugar children.

Ideal lifestyle

Clementine believes this type of practice has been trivial for a long time and is also ideal in various newspaper articles and social networks.

Many girls, who have this lifestyle, have taken to the floor to say how happy they are. In Clementine’s view, no one seemed to have any consequences from this practice.

“There are many platforms that promote this type of lifestyle,” the young woman declared.

“We bombed,” she adds.

The site serves as a dating site and is used by girls of all ages, including men of all ages, including celebrities, Clementine said.

At first it went well, but quickly things became a nightmare. Clementine claimed he was assaulted, beaten, kidnapped and threatened.

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“You’re completely scared, you’re afraid that the people around you will find out, because they will tell you that if you talk they will kill your family,” she said.

And as for compensation, it became very secondary.

“I would say there is no other less profitable than that, because today I have suffered,” Clementine suggests.

She was rescued by relatives

Her parents began to notice that something was wrong. Unable to discuss the problem at home, Clementine’s father went to confront her at his “office”, pretending to be a client. Her father saw the severity of the condition and the way his daughter was being treated.

Clementine also recommends that parents always listen and continue to care for their children.

In the case of young women experiencing a situation similar to his own, Clementine advises them not to hide their situation and to talk to their relatives.

“No shame,” she said. “People who really love you will never stop loving you because of this.”

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