July 5, 2022

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Tiger players sexually abused: Isabelle Charest wants QMJHL to be ideal

Tiger players sexually abused: Isabelle Charest wants QMJHL to be ideal

Isabelle Charest, the Minister for Education and Women’s Status Responsible, “is difficult to explain”, QMJHL waited 48 hours on Tuesday to decide on a permit in the case of two players of the Victoriaville Tigers facing sexual harassment charges.

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“I hope the league will be idealistic and lead by example,” Mister said.To me Charest, Tuesday. These are very serious allegations. “

Nicolas Diegle and Massimo Ceciliano, now 19, were formally charged in Quebec City Court on Tuesday for sexually assaulting a party last June.

QMJHL said in a press release that it would take the allegations seriously and give it 48 hours to assess the case and determine the fate of the two players.

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According to the Crown, two players sexually assaulted a young woman in the Quebec City area on June 6 and filmed the scene.

In addition, Nicholas Digley faces two charges for sharing pictures of his alleged victim.

The facts between the two young men and their victims may have taken place at the Entourage Sir-Lee-Lock Hotel in Lock-Beauport, where the party took place.

The young woman, who was attacked we did not recognize, complained to the police in the company of her parents the day after the incident.

– In collaboration with Mark-Andre Gagnan