June 28, 2022

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COVID-19: September-Îles hospital outbreak

COVID-19: September-Îles hospital outbreak

Two departments of the September-Else Hospital in North Shore are battling the spread of COVID-19.

Among patients and health care workers, Public Health has already confirmed seven cases in the hospitalization unit and the short-term geriatric care unit.

The screening operation and epistemological investigation were initiated by Public Health, which has not yet revealed whether workers or patients were adequately vaccinated due to confidentiality.

It is not even known how the virus infiltrated the hospital center and visits to these units were suspended until further notice.

Six outposts are active in the Kot-Nord territory.

There are two in the September-Rivieres MRC, one in the hospital and the other in the office, the Kanyapiskov MRC reports in four, all offices.

Some of these cases are not counted on the regional balance sheet because they are residents outside the area.

With the increase in cases, a new protocol will be implemented by next week to manage entries into isolated territories, especially targeting the Lower North Shore, Anticosti and Kenyapisca.

“People who go to the chalet or go outfitters are not affected by this entry management protocol. These are public health recommendations. This is on a voluntary basis,” D explained.R Richard Fachehoun, Director of Public Health for Quote-Nord.

This protocol affects residents aged 5 to 11 years and people 12 years of age and older who are not fully immunized.

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