March 28, 2023

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Facebook Group’s Mega-Campaign Fallout: Telegram and Signal Apps Fill Up With New Subscribers

Facebook Group's Mega-Campaign Fallout: Telegram and Signal Apps Fill Up With New Subscribers

As of Monday afternoon, nearly 3.5 billion Facebook subscribers had lost access to group services due to interruptions due to incorrect configuration of servers.

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It did not take long for competing messaging apps to fill up with new customers.

The Telegram claims to have gained nearly 70 million new members, and on the signal side – none other than Edward Snowden and Elon Musk – we are talking about millions of new members.

On Twitter, Signal Management said, “We also know how to work during interruptions, and we want engineers to work to restore services on other platforms.”


Signal is a free, cross-platform, private messaging app that works on all devices, ad-free, and is fully funded through community donations.

It allows you to send voice or video calls along with encrypted messages. It also allows you to delete messages and send any type of image, audio, video or file to its correspondents.

Telegram founder and chief executive Pavel Durov on Tuesday described his instant messaging app as having 70 million users, with a “record increase in registration and activity. Users for the service”.

With millions of users rushing to sign up for Telegram at the same time, some users in America may have experienced slower access than usual.


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On its blog, Telegram reached 400 million monthly users by early 2020. Then, by the end of 2020, that number had reached 500 million.

Both promote the strict privacy of their encrypted services in order to attract new customers who are concerned about their privacy.

And whenever privacy and data privacy are feared among Facebook followers who control Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, competing apps are flooded with signal and telegram subscribers – on May 15, when WhatsApp changes its policy, Facebook will allow more sharing with the parent company.